#25 Jake Stringer


So many calf’s around.

Its like we have a herd of calves at the moment.


Geez you lot can be pathetic.


Tis the season for calfs and colds


It actually started in the west coast game where he got a knock to the calf in the first half. Been managed to a full injury over the subsequent weeks!


that’s a bit of a moo point


I heard he tore his calf muscle off the bone and then Justin Crow laughed at him and made him play on.


You’ve got a hide to suggest that.
Although I suppose taking the bull by the horns is to be applauded.
On reflection, ignore my first comment, I really have no beef with it.


It depends on what’s at steak and if we’re a topside or not.


I’ve said it since the beginning of the year. Justin Crow has consistently miss managed our injuries all year. We had WAY too many soft tissues in preseason and he has cost us a fair run at it this year. Needs to go


Who are you and what do you really know?


Hmmmm Nick86’s twitter profile…

Aspiring High Performance Manager




all puns aside. I’m not sure we have the cattle to cover stringer’s role


Leather we have or not, surely we can hide Francis in there somewhere?



I’ve said it since the start of this year.

There are a lot of idiots on this forum who have no idea of what they’re talking about and need to go.

Sacking impending for fitness managers of about 14 other clubs as well where soft tissue injuries occur as well.


wagyu saying deckham?


As a trained health professional with 2 undergrads and 2 Masters in this very area I feel that I’m a little more qualified than the average punter to state things that I have noticed. Prime example being Joe Daniher dealing with “Osteitis Pubis” something the relevant literature has indicated is a symptom not a diagnosis for several years now


I am sure as a trained health professional you also know it is not regarded as good form to comment on something you have very little actual access to.

So either you are full of it and know nothing or you are being a real ■■■-wipe who thinks because he did some training he knows all about what is happening to these players.


As a Master of Observational and Pertinent Credulity, I am in the perfect position to refute your so-called qualifications, despite your pithy claim and render your subsequent responses as mere ‘mental masturbation’.


I’ve got a bronze swimming certificate.