#25 Jake Stringer


He’s a chiropractor


Oh…had him picked as a naturopath.


Crows done a damn good job.
Fk all hammies,and there have been some injuries that no fitness guru could prevent.

Theres an arguement that Joe couldve been managed differently.

But regardless of qualifications,unless you see the scans and run the tests yourself you have as much as a clue as anyone as to whether it was mismanagement.

Sorry Nick86, you’ve been T-Boned.


Post deleted - it was bullshit


Is it yours?


According to Crowe’s report Jakes condition worsened as a result of playing out the game with the injury. So, who is to blame because once an injury is identified surely the player is taken out of the game #frustrating


Ambrose was already out of game completely.

2 down was a certain loss

Wouldn’t be the first or last player to stay out there to help side’s rotations and try to get win. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hoskin Elliot’s knee injury was aggravated more but he stayed out also.

4 points are pretty important to clubs.

Doubt Jake was being forced to be out there either.


Certainly has us on the horns of a dilemma.


Yeah, thought this was the case. Still, a team compromises their chances of gaining 4 points by having their best players on the sidelines for extended periods. I would’ve played it safe and have the bloke missing 2, not 4


What a great job that fantastic, brilliant & magnificent medical team at the Filth did for leaving one of their obviously injured players out on the field, while how absolutely neglectful was our unqualified shitt for brains medical team for leaving Stringer & Myers out there




Stole it off Grant Hackett when he was asleep in wheelchair.



He’s had our two most important players out for the majority (and in Daniher’s case, basically the entirety) of the season through ■■■■ poor injury diagnosis and management.

Would be happy to see him gone come the end of the year.


I blame Bruce Reid actually he’s the club doctor at the end of the day could be going a bit senile in his old age.


Seriously. Stop sprouting your lies and making it sound like it is real. It isn’t.


The facts are that Fantasia had complained of quad tightness towards the end of 2017 and in pre-season and despite verbalising this, wasn’t rested and kept training and eventually they booked him in for surgery on his quad and missed a huge chunk of the first part of the season.

Daniher, despite the coaching and fitness staff knowing full well he was struggling with groin soreness throughout pre-season and the beginning of the season, continued to play him despite poor performance and eventually dropped him indefinitely with the message of “oh yeah… We knew this was an ongoing issue but soz guys but he kinda has osteitis pubis lol!”

Those are just facts.


No you are mixing some facts in with nothing other than pure speculation and made up opinions and declaring them as factually correct.

So stop sprouting lies as fact.




I didn’t think Fanta ever had a quad. I though it was knee in pre-season?

Anyway, you’re mostly talking ■■■■ as always


I stand corrected. It was a knee not a quad.

Regardless, my argument still stands.