#25 Jake Stringer


no, actually it just proves you have zero idea and credibility.


Ahhh right, must be school holidays since you are up and about.

Carry on.


That’s the best you can come up with? Where’s barnz for a good roasting?


Mate I don’t need to defend myself to you.

You already went from: “You are lying and spout ■■■■!”

To: “You are mixing facts with stuff that’s made up!”

Back to: “No, it proves you are lying and are full of ■■■■■!”

All because I interchanged the word “quad” with “knee”.

Your argument wouldn’t stand up in primary school which I’m sure you are very much oooking forward to returning to in a couple of weeks.


You constantly change everything you post because you know nothing and try your best to make it sound like it is something else entirely. Your credibility is shot to pieces (not that you ever really had it).

Next time quote correctly instead of trying to change it to suit your narrative.



What he means is, … STFU FCS!


It can start young in some cases


Are you fair dinkum arguing against the idea that Daniher was horrifically mismanaged this year?


Yes indeed I am.


Well then that’s fkn ridiculous and you need to get your head out of the sand


Oh boy.


Has it been confirmed how long Sfringer is expected to miss?


I’m on your side IT.
It certainly wasn’t an ideal result, but horrific mismanagement it was not.
It was perfectly understandable decisions that didn’t come to the conclusion hoped for.
Hindsight is a wonderfully emboldening thing.


Just because a group of fans on a forum make a statement about what they believe regarding his injury management, doesn’t make it factual. Afterall they have NO IDEA what his management was, what diagnoses was done and by whom and how his body was travelling. They can make all sorts of guesses and assumptions but it doesn’t make it right.

So how about you get your head out of the sand and realise that you and others know jack shyte about what goes on at the club.


Come on IT! Some of the people on here think they’re really really really good at guessing, so they must be right.


It was patently obvious that he was carrying for the whole first half of the season. What part of his season represents anything other than a colossal fk up?


A lot of players are “carrying” an injury throughout the season, in fact most players. Some are worse than others and are managed accordingly. His became worse but others don’t, doesn’t mean the club stuffed up at all.


What? You’re right - some are worse than others, his is one of the worst of all. They played him for, what, 3 mths with that injury. Not hard to diagnose, like I said, most blitzers “diagnosed” or at least sensed something wrong from a distance. That’s not a stuff up? Please…


How about you pay attention to the fact that the club said it was managing groin soreness with him right from the start. Just because you diagnose him from the stands doesn’t mean the club hadn’t and wasn’t aware of any issues. Stop acting like you know what was going on, you didn’t and you still don’t, just like i don’t.