#25 Jake Stringer


It’s Sunday! Don’t tell me you missed the game @Stressed_out?


How did Jake go?


Kicked 7.


Darli and Peos perfectly summed up Stringer’s season - Outside of two poor games, he’s performed at a consistent level and in a team oriented fashion, wish has gone unnoticed by he wider footy world.


I’m referring to the north, collingwood and sydney games smart ■■■■.


Winning taps due to the power in his Glutes…


I don’t want to be that guy, but is anyone gonna mention that he’s not physically in the best nick? He’s been good for us this year and I rate him, but his conditioning is super disappointing.


He’s come back from a calf injury and obviously is still carrying it to some extent, so that’s not going to help.
He was immense getting us back into the contest.


Has been knocked around and is carrying some niggles as a result, also he tends to waddle a bit at the best of times.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him trim down a bit to help his running out


Seriously, the guy had heaps of assists and worked his butt off alll game


He was good no doubt. And he’s been good all year. But he’s carrying extra weight, clearly, and it’s effecting his speed and explosiveness. He would be a significantly better player if he was carrying 5ish less kgs.


And with the white shorts, I really noticed that butt


You honestly have no idea if he is or isn’t. What is his playing weight at optimum? If you don’t know this then you don’t know if he is carrying extra weight or not.


He looks overweight. You don’t need to be within the club or have inside goss to spot a fat ■■■■ when you see one


Next season will be back to kicking 50 goals and turn games on his head


Bullcrap, you lot love making things up with no evidence whatsoever to back up your claim. You lot sound like Bruce “you feel like he is carrying weight don’t you?”




He’s not the athlete he was in his first few years. In fact I can’t recall a player coming to our club and looking a better athlete after arriving here.


Stringer is really solid, i don’t reckon he is overweight though, just a really solid unit.

Quite a few times today he made really good long hard leads but the kicker either didn’t see him or chose a worse option

To be brutally honest I didn’t expect a massive amount from him this year. Overall he has far surpassed my expectations.


Who’d have thought throwing our prized off season recruit in the ruck was a bad idea :frowning:

Stringer wanted that win more than a lot of essendon bred players, shattered he got injured when game was in the balance.