#25 Jake Stringer


I don’t mind him in the ruck. He half’s the contest most times and didn’t give away free kicks.
He got injured going for a mark that should of been a free kick.


He had his top off in the change-rooms last Friday night after the game (Roving BT) and he didn’t look fat at all.

I think its more that he has an unusual body shape for an AFL football player. He doesn’t have that athletic wide shoulder narrow hip frame that most do.

He has narrow slopey shoulders and a small chest and all his bulk and power is in his ■■■■ and legs.


massive unit, which is why he’s such a good forward and can play tall and ruck

isn’t that why he’s “the package” ?


What bullshit.

Buddy has a big ■■■■, alway has.

There’s absolutely no reason for him to lose 5kgs. It’s not going to make him stronger and he will never become an inside midfielder (nor should he).



Diggers approves of this statement.


Yep, … he’s a classic pear shaper. Big butt, strong through the hips and legs, … hard to move.


I would have liked to see him get a run through the midfield (not in the ruck), to try and counter our poor centre clearance work.

I know he’s not overly fit atm. But I would have liked to see him knock some hawks players over and burst through a pack from a the centre bounce.


I get what you’re saying, but you only need eyes to see he’s carrying extra weight, particularly around his midriff. You’re right though that I can’t really know the exact number he needs to get rid of, but I reckon 5 is a fair estimate.


He has the same body shape as this guy.



That was 30 years ago.



Humans have out evolved that shape now!


No but the game sure has evolved.

You think players back then covered as much ground as quickly as they do now?


I don’t think we can change his skeleton though, … you know?_


He has the body shape of the best player of all time and you’re concerned about it?


FFS do you want me to post photos of the guy who played next to him - billy brownless. Players carried more weight back then. Forwards were stay at home forwards who didn’t defend. It’s not relevant to today’s running game.


We’re not talking about weight. We’re on about his shape, and that shape tends to look like there’s a bit of bulk.

He may have a touch extra, … but it’s not effecting him, … it’s 2 parts of fk all .


It is effecting him! Take off the red and black goggles.

He’s slow.
He can’t cover as much ground as he used to at the bulldogs.
He’s not as explosive on the lead or bursting out of a pack as he used to be.
He’s not as strong as he could be if he was better conditioned. Have you seen his upper arms?

It’s a credit to him that he’s been as good as he’s been this year (very good) with these issues. But he could be better. Guy could honestly be a Top 10 player in the comp if he was as fit as most other players are.


I reckon if he worked a bit harder he could be taller too.


He’s obviously injured, and that’s likely not related to him being a fatarse*.

Having said that, he was clearly the least defined of all our squad (minus a couple novices, maybe) when he arrived from the vaunted Bulldogs.

*May not actually qualify as a fatarse.


We always knew that it would take him at least two preseasons to get into top shape. He wasn’t in good nick when he came to EFC. The club certainly knew this at the time.

Long term investment is long-term. He’s shown what he can do in bursts this year. I expect him to be in much better nick next year, and for his consistency and engine to improve accordingly.