#25 Jake Stringer


The bolded is just outright crap. He’s covering far more ground than he ever has. And is stronger than he ever was at Footscray.

But you are right in saying he isn’t as fit as he could be. But everyone should realise he is transforming from an opportunistic half forward into a midfielder who spends time up forward. This won’t happen overnight. It takes time. He has made enormous progress with his fitness since he arrived at the club, and will continue to do so over the next couple of years. This is not fantasy land where everything happens instantly. This is real life where things take time. Jake is coming along beautifully, and if he keeps progressing at the rate he is, there is no reason he can’t be one of the best players in the comp in 2 - 3 years time. You need to get a bit of perspective.


I suspect you’d know more about this than me, but you’ve only got to look at that photo of him showing the lion tatt to see that he wasn’t ‘defined’ when he came to us at all.


BTW, … does anybody (see what I did there) remember Dane Swan??


Does anyone remember jay neagle?


The fk y’all squabbling about. The kid was going to win us the game in the 3rd quarter before he got fly kicked


Are we disagreeing?


If he does, … he’s OUR Fatarse.

And I’m good with that.


and no free kick


Oh, you said least defined. I incorrectly read it as the opposite. My fault, carry on good sir


Bloke is doing well on 1 leg




Man, I’m wrapt with what Stringer has showed in the back half the year. He’s no where near peak fitness for mine. He never came to the club near peak fitness. Another year doing a midfielders preseason will be a godsend.


I’m happy with how much he is enjoying playing for our club. How he fits in and loves the boys and the club. Hes a team player. He’s motivated. This will only benefit the club and his game


I honestly don’t think it’s just a case of ‘well he was always a forward, so he’s got a forwards build, not a mid’. He’s not defined even by ‘forward’ standards.

And all this is positive. Imagine what he could be if he got himself hyper fit.


Firstly, everyone knew that Stringer was always a work in progress in regards to his fitness. The club was very open about this all preseason. Despite this he’s been outperforming his workrate at the Dogs all year.

Secondly, he’s clearly been hampered by injury for a while now. Judging his running ability right now is a pretty pointless exercise


What king Henry of a human would criticise him Today? The guy is clearly injured, jagged 3 and could’ve got more if he didn’t goet chop suey’ed in the leg


He was clearly in our best three today.

My observation on his fitness is it was bad when he arrived, it’s improved throughout the year but he is now carrying a couple of knocks which is limiting his mobility.

He’s the kind of guy that needs a clear pre season because set backs will affect his fitness more than others.

I’d almost put him out now and make sure his pre season is 100%


If you listen to Crawf and hirdy, Crawf reckons more distance in the past as it was one on one, but prob more sprints now.

Anyway modern day. I give you Dane Swan


Yes but we lost and that means everything is ■■■■ and every decision is wrong.


A fit Stringer and fit JoeDan will not only give sides nightmares it will be FUN