#25 Jake Stringer


Was ■■■■■■ off at Saad. Could tell he just wanted to take the next ■■■■ out that he had his hands on


Making the Dogs look stupid by the day lols


We won the lucky dip. String appears to be playing for the team 100% of every game . Thats quite the opposite of what Bevo and the media seemed to imply would be inside the package when we got it.


Stringer’s been great and I love all the stuff he does, but the real test will be next year and the year after that. Just look at someone like Martin Pike played good footy and pulled his head in at various clubs only for the bad habits to keep returning. I’m hoping with Stringer it’s jusy a maturity thing and he really has turned a corner.


I’m really not sure if stringers ‘bad habits’ are anywhere near as bad as what the dogs made them out to be, both off and on field.


There are rumours he was in a very very dark place post his relationship breaking down

Right on the edge kind of stuff for his life


From what I hear, he was every bit as messed up as painted in his last year or so at the dogs. So far, it looks like in a new environment he’s been able to learn & grow from the experience.


reckon you’d be hard pressed to find better mentors than cale and belly. from the hard tag podcast both seemed very well adjusted individuals.


Belly’s a Launceston boy and he was loose as a goose down here. That’s why he went pretty late in the draft. Have seen him naked on a bar before being removed from the premises.

He can probably relate to the larrikin thing quite well.


wearing nought but a jacket?


Dodoro wasn’t there that night fortunately


Orange capri pants most likely.


Not sure a comparison with Pikey is correct, but if Stringer plays in over a hundred games and win three flags with us, I will be content.

Pikey did like a drink and no-one took his car keys off him. He played nearly 250 games, won 4 flags and a Best & Fairest, and if you have met him, you would know he is a top bloke. Drinking and driving is not a good mix.


It wasn’t working for him or the Dogs at the ‘kennel’. The decision was made with the club’s best interests in mind as the situation was close to toxic. I don’t think their decision was stupid at all, looks like both parties needed to seperate in order to move forward.


They were fair kents about the whole thing tho


Indeed they were.


Has embraced the club wholly and is fully invested in making Essendon a better team. Tracing well, as well as can be expected off his less than perfect preparation preseason. Will only improve, but would prefer he is not used in the ruck.


Love it how anytime there is any sort of melee or push and shove he is the first one in there helping out


Fair enough, I’d still be happy with that too. Just saying l can imagine he’d want to prove himself at first, which would be easy for him as he has the talent. The hard part might be maintaining the professionalism once he feels comfortable. Pike feel into this trap at three clubs from what I can tell.


Martin Pike had a drinking problem. No Club helped him address it; times have changed.