#25 Jake Stringer


him and smith have kept us off the bottom 4

looks completely different mood wise than at the dogs, looks happy and composed


I’d suggest that it’s more than just the two players who have done that


Oh farking alright … and Long when he’s played …


Love the relationships he’s built at the club. I smiled when he referred to Walla as Tony.


He definitely seems to enjoy a leadership type role. He has brought back the swagger and arrogance we havent had for years.


I mean the gold mouthguard, come on, such arrogance. Dont you just love it.


Apparently Jakey’s centre square clearance stats are among the best in the league:

ANALYSIS: Perhaps the Bombers should be using Jake Stringer through the middle more often. Of the eight players to attend more than 100 centre bounces for Essendon this year, Stringer’s positive clearance differential of 20.9 per cent is far and away the best at the club. It’s also among the best in the competition. Tom Bellchambers has the most centre bounce attendances of anyone at Essendon with 437 for the year, while Dyson Heppell has the most out of the club’s pure midfielders with 329. Stringer has attended 134, the seventh-most at the Bombers, but maybe it’s where he should be starting more frequently in 2019. – Riley Beveridge


football media is great isn’t it?

early rounds: stringer is terrible, drop him, play him forward, he’s no good in the midfield! essedon make trade bad.
later rounds: stringer is not playing midfield enough, silly essedon. we are smart.


He’s going to need to be accurate in front of goal this week. Last weeks goal kicking was horrible and Fantasia out we need to make the most of our opportunities.


Yes, we’ve successfully “adapted” his goalkicking to the Essendon way, just as we did with James Stewart.
Stringer never used to miss at the Dogs - kicked them from everywhere. Now his run-up is all over the place and he fills me with no more confidence than Hooker or Daniher do.


I was staggered that we didn’t utilise Stringer at the stoppages against Hawthorn. Other than as a Ruckman (coincidentally those were the bounces we won the clearances).

We were getting belted badly against Hawthorn.


Dylan Shiel has the best clearance and inside 50 differential of the regular midfielders, with his explosive speed difficult for the opposition to counter.


When Daniher and Mckernan are back next year I think we’ll see him attend majority of centre bounces and rotate him back into the fwd line.
If it’s 6-6-6 I think it will work wonders. We get his strength in an uncongested stoppage and a mismatch up fwd. Don’t forget another off season working on his fitness and midfield prowess. Jeez he’s going to be good over the next few seasons.



It would be interesting to see how his clearance numbers look with him as a ruckman as opposed to a mid. I like the extra mid in the contest. For similar reasons I’m a fan of sticking with McKernan.


Sounds a bit like blitz to


Except for the fact that stoppages were 23 - 21, and centre clearances were 18 - 16, so you know … we were getting belted in clearances … except when we weren’t.


And yet his percentage of scores that are goals is marginally up. 61.7% with us, and 60.8% previously.

Humans… always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there.


Hmmm… must’ve just been against us. Or maybe he did it once against us, and it’s been etched into my memory since.


Can’t remember the game too well but with clearances, a kick over the shoulder to the oppositions loose man is still considered a clearance (obviously). I would love to see a stat of a clearance where the next possession was also effective. Sometimes we win the clearance yet turn it over because it was a rushed one.

Friday night I noticed alot more “clean” clearances where Myers would get the ball, quick handpass to merrett and we were off.


I think this is the point.

When Hawthorn won the clearances it was clean and there looked to be no defensive pressure from us. It usually resulted in a scoring opportunity.

When we got clearances against Hawthorn it was either kicked out to the wing/flank, or chopped off by the spare man.