#25 Jake Stringer


With numbers like that, I don’t think we can call the idea of Stringer becoming a mid “dead” but our philosophy is to share the load in the midfield, Jakey needs to build a better tank, and we can use him a lot more , for instance at forward stoppages, where he can kick goals and get clearances. As to being an aerobic onballer, I still think thats more the Hepp, Zerret, Sheil ?, Langford, Smith attribute.


Stringer is at his best when he starts forward then goes into the midfield after a few minutes. Put him as part of the 3rd or even 2nd rotation. But he’s awesome as a forward


Injuries to our key forwards might help explain why he hasn’t been played as much in the guts as he perhaps could have.


Surely it’s the injuries to our tall forwards, along with Stringer’s late season niggles that have forced him to mostly stay deep forward. All our clearance mids are fit and firing, while were desperate for a physical presence in the forwardline.


Stringer and Langford should be a rotation.


The rotation.


Pretty much. Though you wouldn’t mind them in either section of the ground at the same time as they both bring different aspects to the game.


Last time against Richmond, we let him go head to Head with Martin. It worked well. Stringer had his best game for the club, Martin had very little impact.


Very true.


It was also one of the worst times I’ve seen our forwardline function


Can’t wait to see him even fitter next year.

He is going to monster sides!


Jake will never get any more fit than he is now.




Of course he will.
He has already made massive improvements since he arrived.
Another year or two he will be absolutely flying.
Jake arrived not really knowing what fit was.
Lots of improvement left in that boy.


99.9999% pure troll.


Personally I think he is playing too heavy atm, if he drops a few kilos, his running will be better for it. Hopefully we will see his zip return.



Jake is a great player, and all you jerks under-rate his current fitness. He is what he is, just like Plugger, Gary Ablett Senior and many other champs who look “fat” or unfit but that is just the body they were given.

So again, GAGF


Reckon you underrate his current fitness, and many on here just look at body shape.

He was tired at the end of last weeks game, but was still running as hard as anyone, even after stints in the ruck.


Well Maxx, seeing you have politely asked.

I reckon he is very fit. I wateched his game last week and he run all day and had times in the ruck. In the last quarter he was still moving well, in spite of no interchange.

Reckon some of the nuts on here reckon Twiggy was fat; and if you are not old enough to know who Twiggy was, He played for Collingwood.


I do believe bacchus thinks jake is fit