#25 Jake Stringer


Well. I half expected you to substantiate such a bald statement by posting that " a high level source within the fitness department at the club intimated to me that Jake was supremely fit, could run a marathon, give Bolt a run for his money and could not really be expected to get any fitter "

I have no idea whether he can get any “fitter”, and even that opens up a can of worms as to what is meant by fitness.

Unlike the instant take up of Tippa and Chappie as cult heroes, it has taken some time for Jakey to establish himself in the hearts of Bomber fans.


There are an awful lot of very very fit people still trying to push themselves and get fitter.

I suppose they are wasting their time.


Ok bad example.


Nope. Not at all.
And I’m not interested in body shape.
But I do have an idea of his fitness when he came to the club, the targets they set for him, where he currently sits fitness wise, and what his next targets are.
Let’s just say he is tracking very nicely, but there is more to come. This is a multi year program.


How does Jake’s fitness progression compare to Walla’s?

I’ve been amazed by Walla’s transformation in regards to his running capacity over the years


Jake is building endurance faster than Walla.
He’ll never have that speed though.
And really, with Walla, it’s his speed that kills.


Honestly. This just has made my day.

Just in case he didn’t get the message the first time. :joy:

“I have no time for justifying my position. But GAGF anyway.”

Love it.


Part of Jake’s value and point of difference as a forward is his core strength. Being able to stand up in a tackle and to brush tackles off. If he loses too much weight he could lose this.


And his poise, and his precision, and his manic pressure, and his goal nous, and his fabulous locks


imo its the poise that does it for me.

minute shifts in his body which completely throw off the opposition. tiny gestures with his legs to make it look like hes going in one direction, wrongfoots the opponents and goes off in the opposite direction.

hes better than jobe at stopping time…

but i digress…

stringers a gun


I’d like to see his running numbers and I think that can definitely improve. He hasn’t shyed away to getting as fit as possible for this year but another preseason will be another level and one or two after that he will peak.
I don’t have the evidence but I’m pretty sure people within Essendon have supported that.



Three parts to being running “fit”… and then there is strength.

AFL footballers will always be improving, every year. No one can afford not to be improving as the competition around them will be getting better each year.

Its the elite environment they work in.


PHEW…saw all those new posts…thought bad things.

Carry On.




You should tell him that to his face as see what he says.



No problem at all.

He is a champ and that is all that matters


Love him to bits, he’s a gun and we are lucky to have him.

Haters gagf


He made things happen in the middle.

Play him there more often


Lion tattoo has special strengths against tigers.