#25 Jake Stringer


Stringer in middle and not ruck = Stringer clearance.

(Some credit to Tommy for the taps!)


What was his role today??


We can’t, he’s never going to get any fitter than he is now.


what do you mean by fit?

Continous steady running fitness?
Repeat gut running fitness?
Repeat tackle efforts without a marked drop off in effort and strength fitness?

Weight, speed, body fat, ripness?

I would have thought given his age and given the base he is building from he can get fitter in a number of those areas.


I think it means he wants to rub his lion


Fit to play his game of footy.


He has been a fantastic recruit. May not have reached his AA level out put but has been our best forward and given us a real target even with no Daniher, Mckernan, Hooker, Stewart. Has shown that he can legitimately be a weapon as a clearance winning mid, I hope he spends another preseason with the mids and works on his fitness and craft.


Don’t care what anyone says Stringer goes mid next year for bursts.

He needs to get fitter in off season drop 4kgs

He wins the ball in the middle and setup a few goals last night. He big body is very handy and needs to run through their for periods in each qtr

Project still on


Needs to improve power in his left foot or take on anyone and bust through to get back on his right side. Clearances have to be pinpoint or deep inside 50, not up and unders to the arc.


I think Caddy could be used as the prototype for Stringer. Potent mid sized forward who can impact through the middle on occasions. I think he’s more dynamic than Caddy but it seems Caddy has worked out what it takes to extract his best more often. Am confident stringer can do it too and quickly. Has got better as they tear webt on but faces another big pre season.


At times he was playing as a forward, but proved to be a little ineffective there. For other parts he was in the middle to win the ball and played well there (except his kicking was off for this game).


so he’s averaging 15 disposals a game and has kicked 30 goals in 19 games.

I reckon if he can get a bit fitter with another good off season he’s got the capability to bump that possession average up to 17 or 18 and get the goals back up around 40


He was in beast mode in Q3 and almost a lone hand in the middle after pidge and Heppell went quiet.
Our entire fwd structure was ■■■■ last night, and our delivery made it even worse. Only the quick kicks in gave us a chance or result, when we had time we kept kicking it straight to their players.


Also hes had to cover position he has no reason to be play (ruck for example). i’d pretty satisfied with his year thus far considering he was literally the worst thing to ever football ever according to bevvo.


Pretty much this from what i could see


With Goddard leaving, does Stringer get the #9? These are the important questions.


Good chance since he hasn’t changed his Twitter / instagram handle #9


Dylan Shiel gets 9


I just want to know who looked at Stringer and said, “Yep, back up ruckman”.

Probably whoever keeps putting the Walla magnet at CHF.


Stringer is so 2017. It’s time for Sheil, Gaff and Setterfield to not nominate us!