#25 Jake Stringer




Stringer gives unofficial, official nod to EFC chasing Shiel. No secret. Towards the end of the article, there is a nice point made about something Jake is doing as a result of being inspired by his daughters. The guy has been transformed l tell ya.


Jakie fasted for about half of Ramadan this year to support Saad.
Love 'em both.


Kicked 30 goals after a sluggish start to the year he’s going to smash it next year mark my words,














One thing I did notice tonight that I hadn’t too much with him before, … was a severe burst of pace, leaving blokes chasing behind in his dust a number of times.

He’s gotten quicker over the year, … and likely has a bit more to add over the next 2 years pre seasons.



Needs to work on his goal kicking which is a skill that
Our skills need work over summer
caused us to possibly lose another game last week against the Tigers- Bags and Hooker I mean


It’s inevitable the longer he spends at Essendon the worse his kicking will get.


Lol lets ask someone from EFC about Shiel.

Devon Smith?..nah not relevant.
Lets ask Stringer!!


How good was he last night taking on so much ruck work when Luey was injured.


Did I see last night that Carey gave stringer a C grading? A tad harsh if true.


Was very pleasing to see. He did a good pretty good job at applying pressure after he would loose the tap. We would have been in trouble if he wasn’t in the ruck


Definitely. But he gets marked harsh based on the high standards he has set in the past.

Given all the circumstances I’d give him a ‘B’.


Yeah it’s a weird one, he has almost been the opposite of what we expected.

He hasn’t brought his xfactor brilliance, but he has shown a real work ethic and team orientation that most us feared he wouldn’t. He has also surprised through the middle after an inauspicious start


Pretty sure it’s C+.

If the level Stringer has played this year is his C+ then lookout when he brings his A game


Carey was rating his ability to totally destroy a club through his infedelities.


C+ is about right.
You could call it B- and suddenly it feels like a better grade.


Well, there is a reason they call Carey “King”


I was going to throw that one in


Not only that but I reckon he missed 8 or so getable set shots over the past month.