#25 Jake Stringer


Needs to work on his ruck work, got smashed by Ryder.
Seriously thou when played prolonged minutes in the midfield he really gets tired quick. Maybe this is why his goal kicking is a bit off?


Absolute warrior. But needs a 5kg weight drop to become the player he was born to be


Needs to work on his ruck work? He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Any time spent trying to improve in this area for stringer is wasted time.


Pretty sure he was joking


The “seriously though” kind of gave it away




It’s an interesting one to score. Even scored out of 10, a 7 seems maybe a bit high. But a 6.9 a bit harsh.

I think we got what we realistically could have got from him in year 1. So it has been a good season by Jake.


Leading goalkicker.

Our best centre square clearance differential when he starts there.

Plays for the team i.e. rucked half a game this week.

Yeah, he’s been definitely been better than a C+.


Zac and Lav were well beaten by Ryder too. Need to lift their game.


I was far more worried by how ordinary Myers was in the ruck.

Not good enough for a guy of his experience.


What about Walla. Didn’t even have the balls to give it a crack!



Yeah but did you see colyer


His pre-season has to be all about getting his tank up to regular onballer levels.


Doubt two preseasons is enough for that.
Probably 2020.


Agree with that. It’s a 2-3 season proposition for him and the club. But you’d want to see a big step up in 2019. I figure the effort required to get there is going to hurt… a lot … but if he has that mental ability to push himself to get there then he’ll be an elite weapon. Having Smith and Zac etc to train with should help push him.


Yes. I think this will be a really telling pre-season for Stringer. Will he continue the reported hard work that he has put in since joining the club or will he revert to the alleged problems of slacking off after a while?


He’ll keep it going. He’s loving how things are unfolding for him. He won’t stop now.


I don’t know how he swings - @Reboot who knows all things internally EFC may know - but Jake may work better if he is part of a group / training buddy rather than leaving him to himself. He should know the club’s fans have embraced him and he gets on well with the players, so no lack of love and good wil to see him succeed. It all there for him to make the most of.


Would love it if he can get even more explosive somehow too.
At the very least, greater fitness would allow him to have the energy to power away more.


He did better than ok this year but still way off what we expect him to do. I’m away from my computer, but if someone can be bothered, can they please post a comparison between his 2015 All Australian stats and his 2018 season.