#25 Jake Stringer


You want stats, I got stats for you.


I think he finally feels at home with himself and being at the club. Has made some really staunch buddies to support him while he keeps himself on the straight and narrow. Onward and upward Jake.


Stringer: Comparison of 2015 and 2018 : maybe you cannot see it properly. Sorry.

Hitouts UP, Contested Possessions UP, Contested Marks UP, Disposals UP, Clearances UP, Rebound 50s Down. Goals Down the rest about the same.


He was well on his way to becoming a top 10 player in the comp in 2015. Has he still got the ability to get close??


ta - there you go, on numbers alone overall it feels he did better in 2018. His 1% were also up. But goals are down and that would have been a key indicator for his 2015 performance. Also shows numbers alone don’t tell the full story.

If all goes well EFC should get the best of Stringer.


im not really sure its viable, or even worthwhile, comparing his 2015 and 2018 seasons, since he was played pretty much as a pure forward in 2015 and in 2018 played as a midfielder, ruckman, FF, center clearance beast

apples and organges, stats wont tell you much in this situation

if you ask me, would I rather 2015 or 2018 Stringer, I’d take 2015 Stringer in a heartbeat… would turn a game on its head in the blink of an eye


or if we can get a mix of more onballer 2018 with dangerous 2015 forward then we’d have a better and more potent Stringer for the EFC side


For the naturally powerful/explosive types like Stringer in modern AFL. They will get more explosive/quicker once they get their endurance fitness up to scratch.
It’s a bit of a paradox, because the reality of the training to build his endurance is it will actually make him a bit slower, but his repeat efforts will be up and he will hit his top speeds more often, so will in effect look and play quicker. Look out in 2020, we should have that big bodied explosive mid we all want (though I doubt he’ll ever do much more than a 50/50 mid/fwd split)


I don’t recon he needs to put on too much more size.


Also why they call him “Duck”.

“Duck, my husbands coming”




Oops 1 year late


■■■■ a duck
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Carey loves it and don’t care how
it’s the vcs wife and she WANTS IT NOW
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To be fair, though, if you were asked, it would be reasonable to expect you to prefer anything at all over what you currently have, anywhere or time.




I think he’s saying that you’re a “grass is greener” type person.


a very bully way to say it.


the package

all in the one forward line

can’t wait


Don’t forget Wingard and Parker