#25 Jake Stringer


Yep. I would think that opinion’s a fail so far.


I was just clarifying, as maybe I’d gotten confused with the quoted posts and it was in regards to somebody else.

Calling Stringer a fail is a pretty harsh view of the situation imo.


Did I accidentally quote/reply to you Peos??

If so, … derp! My post was directed at the stringfail opinion.


Langford is Carey, confirmed.


Langford is actually Lovett.


The argument put here is equivalent to saying that in the year Hirdy was drafted at #79, the other 78 picks were all fails as they weren’t as good as Hirdy.


It’s this rubbish software, not you.
'It does that regularly.


Ahhh, …


So, what does 2019 bring for Stringer? One of the more intriguing players when it comes to the position he’ll play.

Personally, I’m hoping the midfield push continues. Stringer getting fitter is good regardless of position, but I think he had a huge impact when at clearances last year, especially in the second half of the season. It would also mean we could play a taller forward line, which I like, and created more competition for midfield roles.


What comes,is the 3rd best defender with JD and Smack/Stewart getting the 2nd tall.

Love the prick.


It’s an excellent question.

When selecting my starting/best 22, I had Jake lined up in the forward line - with only JD as the KPF (Smack as an emergency). I felt this would provide us with a nimbler forward line compared with two taller KPFs.

Upon reflection, I agree that Jake provides much clearance grunt, especially in the guts. And with question marks over Joey, I think Smack needs to play as well. I hope Jake will continue to build his tank in the preseason & have stints in the midfield.


Hopefully he’ll add another 10% to his midfield time and take his split closer to 60/40

It’s strange to think he is only 24 and has his best years well ahead of him. As long as he continues to maintain the effort off-field, then I reckon we will continue to see improvements year-on-year. Who knows, he may eventually become the full-time midfielder we all want him to be.


Even if Stringer doesn’t improve past what we seen this season, 40 goals a year is more than handy.

But having a better midfield (with Shiel), and elite delivery inside 50… it will elevate his game.

He just needs to kick those set shots 90% of the time.


Stringer 70 % forward. 30% midfield. Let’s not be too greedy.

If he is fit enough to do that I would be rapt. He actually has a very good ability to get clearances even if he does hoof it forward. And 30 goals is par for a guy with his talent.

I’m very bullish about this bloke next year. He has another level in him and very confident he will get there.


Just play Stringer, Shiel and Smith as our first choice midfield and win all the clearances.


I get nervous when I see new posts in the Stringer thread…


you can do a lot of damage with a thread bump.


If he returns something in the vicinity of a Robbie Gray we’re laughing. Needs to get more of it, should certainly increase his goal tally in 19.


According to Dev’a Instagram, Jake looks like he’s shed a few kilos.

Training reports for 2018-11-12 - The Return

Unlike him to be on a bike.