#25 Jake Stringer





Def looks fitter and preseason aint even started yet.


Are you related to reincarnated?


Still doesn’t look like he’s got an AFL footballer’s body. Any chance of getting him training with Shiel?


He’s never going to have the athlete’s physique that the modern AFL player is supposedly meant to have. He’s more like a Gary Ablett Snr, sloping shoulders, immense base power, unorthodox movement. Fitness is one thing, capitalising on what nature gave him is another and you ignore that or try to subvert it at your peril.


Given that I don’t know who reincarnated is I’m going with a ‘No’.


Could he get to that level?





He’s got a 60+ goal season in him if it all clicks. It took us half a season to work out where he fits into the team. Trying to turn him into a full-time mid, or a player who plays majority midfield is incorrect IMO. H’e s a half-forward who you can throw into the guts in 5 minute bursts.




The hands in the back rule tweak will help Jake a bit. He like playing behind the defender and forcing them under the ball.


Like GASnr, he has a perfect physique for a mid-size “utility” player. Huge power, very low COG. Makes him a very, very difficult matchup.


Yes, last year showed that he’s not a WAIT WHAT THE ACTUAL ■■■■ WERE YOU WATCHING???!!!???!!!


Our forward line has an insane amount of X-factor.

Stringer Daniher TIPPA Raz Smack etc…

I hope we infuriate oppositions and their fans like we did North for many years to come.


Agree. I think improving his endurance (ability to recover) so he can do more of those bursts would obviously increase his impact during individual quarters. But also across an entire match. It would also help his overall play as a forward.
Stringer has his strengths - which HAP pointed out - don’t mess with them.


It personally concerns me no end that he has Bike and Box in his Insta post.


A new Blitzer, prominent in a couple of the trade threads.


Not new Jack, … been around for years.

Pretty sure the negativity level from him is just a recent thing though.


I was pondering the similarity myself so I was