#25 Jake Stringer


Ha ha - Gaz is a little more ripped!


He has the Bruce Reid Sticky tape going on thou


When sheil is resting either fwd or on the bench Stringer goes into the middle. That allows us to always have a mid that can win there own pill and break away with speed. This is a huge advantage.

The rest of the time he plays fwd with joey and smack.
Either way he needs to build his tank. When fwd he needs to put on relentless presure when he hasn’t got the ball. He will be the 3rd tallest FWD. So he will need to learn to do this or else we can’t play smack, joey and himself in the same fwd line.




Apparently used to do very little at the gym, which I suppose it’s relative to the amount of training he didn’t do.
And completely the opposite of jr.


Just getting jacked for summer I reckon


Agree this is the one thing he needs to improve his defensive pressure is a bit ordinary and adding joe and smack in with him could be a liability if these guys don;t pressure the ball coming out.


he improved with his defense dramatically compared to when he was at the dogs though


Ill ask him.


A p!ssed off Stringer with a point to prove who has shed some kegs and sharpened up is a scary/exciting proposition.

I’m looking forward to a big 2019 from the guy.


Jakey has only been used sparingly in the midfield rotation, often going to the centre bounce and running down to the forward line once the ball is cleared. Remember the game against Port, he actually played in the ruck for half a game. It means he has some capacity to play on the ball.

It was far from a bust. In 2018 Jake had career high disposals, clearances, contested possessions, inside 50s, rebound 50s and contested marks and reasonable tackle numbers

His best game, against Richmond he played on the ball for a large part of the game, the result, 29 disposals, 9 clearances, 16 contested possessions. Those numbers indicate that he could, if given the chance play more time on the ball and rack up numbers similar to the top big bodies in the game. He was not given the chance to do that more often, because we were down one or 2 of our top forwards most of the season


I don’t think anyone is saying his season was a bust


Langford (poster) said this up there somewhere

“I would think he’s a fail so far.

Time will tell whether he was more valuable than picks that could have reaped a Liam Ryan or Fritch & Worpel.“

So not a bust, you’re right, but a fail.


And he was injured!


Well, Langford (poster) is an idiot.


Stupid thing to say really.


Almost as silly as saying we should ditch an acknowledged long term prospect just one year after drafting him.


Whats this?


I think that Stringer will benefit from the rule changes next year more than anyone.


Just loved his first minute, of his first game in the sash in round 1.

Starts in the guts, gets the first clearance to D Smith. Then 30 seconds later takes a hanger over E Betts to cut off their first forward push.

Really set the tone for the year.

image http://www1.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Jake+Stringer+AFL+Rd+1+Essendon+Vs+Adelaide+eAONKjWb_5Pl.jpg