#25 Jake Stringer


Oh boy, i dont see how anyone could suggest any of the recruits were fails… stringer was an above average player for the season and still has room for growth. Proven match winner an his good form was instrumental in several wins.

I, for one, am verry verry happy we picked him up.


I can confirm 2 things.

  1. I am an idiot.
  2. But not because I said Stringer was a fail

Maybe it was the other Langford that lacks intensity, makes poor decisions and isn’t gonna make it???

For the record.


This was the post.


Thanks for that.

I’m gonna print & frame it, . . . . and it’s going straight to the Poolroom.


You put weird ■■■■ in your poolroom


Yes, I hope you read on to understand I wasn’t saying any were fails. But poor lower case langford is copping a beating because he did. Go easy chaps.


I wonder, when we pitched it to Jake to come to Essendon, did we say, " we will help you develop into a big body midfielder to add an extra dimension to your game, but its going to involve a massive amount of work, building a tank and learning stoppage craft" ? Because that’s the project we started in 2018 and the transition was expected to take up to 3 years.

Jake trained with the midfield group in the preseason, and the club was extremely pleased with his stoppage work. Video emerged of Jake bursting out of packs at stoppages just bumping and brushing aside other players to clear the ball. It was awesome. But come the season, he was needed more as a forward.

I am presuming that that project will continue, that we still have plans to turn him into a “midfield bull”. I hope we don’t just say. Yeh nah, Jakey is of much more use to the team as a full time forward and pigeonhole him down around the goal square.

As has been pointed out, Shiel is not a “midfield bull” and with 3 successive 1st round picks gone we now have to rely on the playing group we have in order to develop players for that role.

For me the 29 disposals 9 clearances and 16 contested from the Richmond game is a tantalising taste of one possible future for Jake. IMO its worth persisting with the project even when Shiel comes on line in 2019.


You are killing what is left of my questionable reputation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Our latest addition. Not in the poolroom as we don’t have one. But in the hallway where no one can avoid it.


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AN10 has a similar one of Justin Murphy.


A vicious blow there HAP.


I’d need a bigger rubbish bin if it got the same treatment as the player card of Murphy. And people wonder why I ignore @benfti.


What’s with players spreading their arms out like that for those photos?


Bigger picture, more money


Austin Lucy’s one of these was on normal A3, portrait orientation.


Think it started with Jordan. Basketball photos like that often have a measure ruler to highlight the large wingspan.


Generally a more family friendly picture than the spread legs one.


Yeah, but you get better $ for one of those.