#25 Jake Stringer


I always assumed it was because you’re a grumpy old ■■■■.

But now that I remember the Murphy-card incident and subsequent photographic evidence I find your position entirely justified.

You’re still a grumpy old ■■■■ though.


Also, we must be just about due for an article from Stringer’s ex, aren’t we?

We’ve had some positive press about trade period and some Instagram photos of Jake looking in good shape, so surely it’s time.



Midfield bull = Josh Begley.

Has the tools. Will make it as our midfield bull.

Langford is our tall silky player who can very much win his own ball (Pendlebury)

Shiel and Zerrett are our A grade elite mids.


Begley has yet to demonstrate that he can get enough of the footy.

Has shown pretty much everything else you might hope for.


Yep. Needs to play VFL mid and learn the craft. The getting more of the ball will come. He definitely has something worth working with.


Begley is a very very smart guy, could have been anything if he didn’t play football.


Begley is the greatest man to ever live


Begley is the greatest anything to ever live


Begley is the Messiah




Begley, has a thread of his own…


Apparently he is so smart he can have any thread.


Hang on, Begley can’t be choosy


I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s nice to have your achievements recognised…particularly by someone who could kill me in 73 different ways.


Well, we’ve worked out who @brasha is. But I thought players were warned away from places like this, Josh.


Beg’s chin has its own postcode.


Having watched Begley at VFL and AFL levels he reminds me of the barging through packs work of JJ but with an elite right foot kick

Bull is an excellent description of his work in contested ball situations


I agree, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. He needs to be able to run again before becoming a Bull.


He might consider himself a Sitting Bull.

And I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with that.