#25 Jake Stringer


He is running.




One giant step for Begley, one small step for Essendon.




Pffft … … … not hard to get a pic of benfti


Thanks dude.


Running Bull?

Huh, a fair description of some Blitz posters.


Your husband’s problems are all in his head, it is all psychosomatic. Your husband can walk if he wants to Mrs. Sitting Bull.


I’ve noticed from footage and reading the threads that Stringer has been training with the midfield group. Am I crazy in thinking he’s more important to our forward line? With the addition of Shiel, I think our mids can go 7-8 deep (Zerrett, Zaka, Heppell, Shiel, Smith, Myers, Langford + Parish) and its unnecessary for Stringer to play there.

He really adds another dimension to our forward line and think he’s going to be more useful there.


Seems like he has also shut down his offical Instagram account today.


Its been shut for a while actually.


Good. It’s a total waste of time.


sounds like someones not getting alot of likes :joy::joy::joy:


Split with his wife.
Gambling addiction
Not able to see his kids.

Was the kick up the bum he needed.

Seems to be in a happy place now and it sucks for the Doggies that they won’t get the best of Jake hahaha




Or it’s just very easy to see someone with stringers history and interests getting sucked into the wormhole that is social media and having it not end well…


Jake ‘you can do a lot of damage in 4 weeks’ stringer.


He’ll be impact in the midfield… mean that literally. When all else fails he’ll be running through blokes at centre bounce, a la Lloyd on Sewell.

Seriously though, he has x factor that can be used in the middle and up forward… he can make things happen… a fat Cyril Rioli if you will


Is he bright


Watch a few replays from this year, he’s not quite getting his hands on it in the middle but he’s often dislodging blokes and getting little taps in, creating ball momentum. We started winning when we started moving the ball into space at all cost and relying on our extremely talented list to chase it and do something with it. Awesome option to run through there is Stringer.