#25 Jake Stringer


I know what you mean Toms Dons but although Jakey is a bit on the bulky side, and lacks the massive tank required to be an on baller, he is strong at stoppages and it would be great if he can rotate through the midfield. It has been identified that we lack enough “big bodied mids” and that was not addressed by bringing in Shiel. So looking at our big bodies we basically have Hepp, Langers and Myers and Jake is definitely needed to add to those players, until we can bring on, say a Francis, Laverde or a Redman in that type of role.

All that aside, the club may have promised to give Jake midfield time before we recruited him, and if so, it would be unfair of the club to revert him to the forward line 1 year after making such an agreement, unless of course Jake agrees. It was pretty much acknowledged that we could not turn him into a midfielder in one pre-season. It might take another 2 years.


Just cos a player is training with the mids pre-Christmas it doesn’t mean he going to play there as his primary position. He might train with the mid in order to build tank, and also to keep his interest levels up over a long pre-season. I think Hurley trained with the mids some years back, but never played there.

I expect Jake to do what he did last year - mostly forward, but rotate through centre when needed. (Though please no ruck, Woosha).


Wasn’t there a stat that stated when Stringer was at a stoppage for us that our clearance percentage went through the roof?

His presence and strength around stoppages was a real highlight towards the end of the season and something that was really effective.


In his stoppage work this year Jake was often caught with the ball, many times with 3 opponents tackling him as he attempted to break away using his power. He needs to revert to the Jobe mode: break away when best to do so, but develop the vision to dish off the ball to a team mate, because while he attracts 3 tacklers there will be 2 of our player free.
Notwithstanding the above I am sure he and Shiel will be the 2 players best equipped to bust their way out of stoppages and when they work together they will help to free up each other.


Kicks a footy goodly


Yes, you’re crazy.

Match turner.


Jake is in awesome shape! Slim and toned (for Jake). Maybe his best since joining the bombers. Just get a feeling he’s going to hit his all Australian form in the next season or 2. He seems to be very determined.


Still have a little chuckle to myself that the super talented Stringer is “ours”. Seeing him run around in the ruck against Port (looking completely lost) says to me that the bloke is a selfless individual who will do whatever the coaches / team need of him. The stated plan when he came to the club was midfield minutes. Expect that to continue. All a matter of the split which is likely dependent on what’s happening in game. He, Smith and Saad along with Shiel (who is adjusting to the game plan quickly) are still very much the “new” shiny toys for EFC supporters to be happy about. Man, so much hype around the team. Will be interesting to see how the boys perform with the massive weight of expectation on their shoulders.


Exactly. I’ve been saying all off-season that he’ll increase his time in the midfield next year. He could be our version of Dustin Martin, and to leave him forward when we don’t have to have him there would be a waste. One of the reasons I’ve been saying the last thing we needed in the draft was more inside mids.

I think him going in there more, Shiel going in, are two major elements in why our midfield may start looking scary next year.

Also, putting Stringer in the midfield far more also opens the door for opportunities for either a third tall (e.g. Stewart) or Laverde. I’m not convinced about Laverde, but I definitely want him to have the opportunity to show if he can make it or not.

Finally, regardless of where he plays next year maximising his fitness base is only a good thing.


That is a stupid thing to say.

Suffering does not always make you stronger. Having limited access to your kids makes life hell.

It is credit to Jake that he has worked through the issues, but none of us would rather it happen.


It will take a few seasons at least to make him a midfielder… if we could move his magnet on the team board and magically turn him into Dusty, the Dogs would have done it years ago.


I don’t remember the exact numbers, but our centre clearance percentage was highest when Jake attended the centre bounce, out of all our players. I.E. we were most likely to get the clearance if Jake was in the guts.


I was watching the replay of the dogs v giants prelim in 2016 and Jake looks a good 5 to 10kg lighter than he does at essendon. Being that we wanted to develop his tank to play midfield it’s surprising that his bulked up as usually you trim down if this is the case. The club might of encouraged this because they wanted the extra size at stoppages, but it is interesting.


Maybe he wasn’t really training the house down and it was just PR spin at the time?


Inside bull versus outside gazelle.


He was listed at 91kg on the Dogs site back in 2016 and around the 90 kg is always where I remember thinking he was. He might have lost a little during that season and the website wasn’t updated but I doubt it was that much, probably just your eyes.

Or perhaps (red and) black isn’t slimming after all.


Biggest factor, in my opinion, as to why Jake has pulled his finger out is being in a more professional environment with better leadership figures around him to set and maintain high standards in regards to training ethic

Also Beveridge, the fool, giving him a public dressing down on his way out has given Jake further motivation to reach his potential. Never underestimate the affect spite can have on someones motivation levels.


I thought that was a normal female trait.


It’s 2018. Spite belongs to all peoples.


Old peoples don’t like change.