#25 Jake Stringer


Tells me you have a lot to learn, especially about women.

It might be 2018, but some things never change.


Aren’t you the guy that’s had 10 divorces or something


Never said women can’t be spiteful, I’ve seen just as many guys act out of spite though. Like I said don’t under estimate it.


And brags about it…


Nothing further m’lud


You reckon he laughed after each divorce and got a talking to from some creepy old codger?


Not that surprising when you consider that he was barely out of his teens at that point…


Haven’t you have seen men express their toxic b11tch? They express it in some form violence or aggression. The 20% of the male is female/yin. Both genders have 20% of the other, energetically speaking. Both sexes are capable of spiteful behaviour but they express it differently. Women probably more so because it was thought that women who got mad were bad and were locked up in my Mum and Dad’s time.


No more or less normal a trait than a male. Spite knows no gender.


Interesting that you quantify it. ( maybe just to exemplify it) isn’t it the thing to describe all these as a "spectrum"these days ?

If a person has low sex drive , he/she can be on a libido spectrum, if your kid’s out and out hyperactive, he can be “on the spectrum” you could even have a footy fan “spectrum”

I spoke to an Essendon fan the other day. He had never heard of Irving Mosquito. FCS, I am beginning to doubt that he even qualifies to be on the Essendon Fan spectrum.


What the fark has happened in here?


your face happened


Not really, no.
When ‘spectrum’ is used in that context, it’s used as ‘Autism Spectrum’ - which is totally different from ‘hyper-activity’ (or ADHD) and should not be confused with each other.


Not necessarily stupid.

Sometimes you need to fall and fall hard before you have an epiphany, in a similar fashion to never learning much if you don’t fail. I know from personal experience.

I don’t personally know his motivations, but I think it would be far from stupid to suggest this could be a significant part of the change.


The defence rests.


Seemed more like a prosecution. Still waiting for defence post.



I was joking and really did not want to specifically bring Autism into it out of respect to anyone who had Autism or was related to a person who had it.

Perhaps I should have limited the joke to the Libido Spectrum. People can laugh about that.


Some people have to crash and burn before they have “the light turn on inside their brain” from that moment on, they tread the path of life differently. I understand I am one of those people or I was. If we never make mistakes because we fear failure, we might either under achieve or over achieve. The crash and burn types can learn from a total/major screw up overnight and turn the corner and never look back. Mostly depends on your ability to take risks but keep good company and not indulging in risky behaviour - there is a difference.

People hurting, hurt people. And; until each person understands and feels this concept from their own inner perspective, behaviours remain mentally and emotionally unstable in the mirror of consciousness. The learning curve is about becoming unconsciously, consciously, competent through becoming aware, understanding, wisdom and waking mindfulness. Sounds a bit deep doesn’t it?


And we’re one down.

Had had a grand total of two twenty possession games in his whole dogs career.
He had two this year.

And set season career highs for disposals, marks, inside 50s, clearances, contested possessions.

He needs to go to another level again, but that’ll happen.



Absolute rubbish.