#25 Jake Stringer




I’m sure that’s meant to show something.

I’m not seeing it.

The fact his leg’s in front of his guts in one pic, and not in the other, makes it a very good pair of pics to compare.

To me he’s got about the same angle from his shoulders into his guts, about the same angle from his guts out to his hips, and his musculature otherwise looks the same, maybe filled out a touch in his delts. Maybe there’s another kg or two. But he’s on a much more stringent, and harder fitness program than he’s ever been on, and he’s a ■■■■ ton fitter than he’s ever been. Which is showing big (albeit not entirely consistent) results if anyone watches his work rate off ball.

So… LOL?


Jake ya big fatty boombah.


He’s also lost a couple of kegs from last season until now. Looking pretty fit in the training vids etc.

What is this, the Jake Stringer body shaming thread? As long as he keeps playing well the who gives a ■■■■. I hate all the emphasis put on athleticism over football ability these days.


LOL is in reference to you being a smartarse again. Really you are well off the mark with this, you’ve tried to turn it into me criticizing him when really i’m pointing out that when you try and gain endurance you generally drop weight and become more toned, his muscle definition is less than back then and he is clearly bigger. This being two years in a row means it’s obviously not an issue for the club as they might want him to have more power. At the same time it’s hard to increase cardio fitness without dropping weight so if he has done that then all the credit to him he must be a freak.


The first sentence is correct, I can’t get away from that.

The rest is a huge pile of poop.

If you can find any two photos that show any size increase - by all means, post away.

I’ll give you one tip though.

10kg - on top of an already solidly built, 90kg man - is a big, fat, up-country beer gut.
And you can’t find a photo of that.
And he keeps having photos taken where that would be blindingly obvious, and absolutely imposisble to hide. (Spoken as someone who rocks that look)

And yet, the best you have is a long lens, front-on photo from 8 months ago?? Yeah. Nah. It’s on you to prove it.


Check the symbolism in the ink. He started with a visceral predator, the lion, capped off with a silent, deadly but wise predator, the great horned owl, emerging from under the huge spread wings atop the crest of acanthus leaves.

Read into it what you want. But its completely over the top.


Pre season’s only just kicking off. I daresay a few would be a kg or two under playing weight. Cos they’ve just been doing a ton of running.


I’m a few kg’s under weight for my sport right now, also.
Which is…sumo wrestling


Because you aren’t in good enough shape to compete?


Plenty of pics showing Jake doesn’t mind going round sans a top - so he’s not worried showing how he looks. Plus coaches/fitness staff will be well aware of what he’s carrying. No hiding if he’s not meeting targets.

and… he’s got some determined team mates in Smith, Hepp, etc who would be there to drive him along. From what you can judge from afar, Stringer looks to be in a good and happy place at Essendon.


I’ve seen worse…


Really don’t want to know what part of the body that is




Thats not exactly true either. ADHD is not part of the Autism spectrum but many of the symptoms overlap & having 1 of these conditions significantly increases the likelihood of being diagnosed with both. Some studies suggest up to half of those diagnosed on the spectrum also suffer ADHD. There is also some significant research into genetic connections between the conditions where a family member with ADHD is very likely to have close relatives diagnosed on the spectrum & vice versa.


Agree with you… however, the obsession many have with Stringers weight isnt so much about his weight per se. It’s probably more punters like us who hope he’s taking the game seriously and not slackening off… a few too many kgs might suggest he is… he probably doesn’t get as much benefit of the doubt as others because of his history with WB…


Ok, fair enough.
Thanks for correcting me.


He’ll be fine.


I get jack if the whole spectrum thing. I get that there’s some people who clearly suffer (sometimes) with Aspergers and then there’s others who might just have a subtle diagnosis which is more or less incidental.
What’s flummoxes me though is when these utter parsnips come out with everyone’s in the spectrum. Why fracking have the spectrum then? it’s like saying everyone’s on the heart failure spectrum, as in it functions fine or it’s packed it in.
But yes it’s a measurement by which to treat things. it’s when people that have no idea, and then those who are qualified into thinking they do, trot it out sounding like rob sich at the dinner party.


The “ex-perts” have changed the status now - no more Aspergers. Everyone now comes under the umbrella of Autism since last year.

Why, not really sure but perhaps, doing it this way, makes it easier than trying to differentiate symptoms for someone with multiple problems. Many folk with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI and also with head injuries) have also been diagnosed with Autism. Was a diagnosis easier to confirm with a brain injury or, were symptoms present before but simply went un-noticed and therefore un-diagnosed? ADHD and ADD are two common of the most common for people with brain injuries.