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The spectrum replaced terms like Aspergers & I’m not sure you really understand autism if you think they suffer sometimes. The idea of the spectrum is that the common symptoms of autism like sensory processing can vary greatly in how they present from case to case. Everybody has different ways they respond to light, noise etc but its only when these responses fall below a standard level that it becomes a problem & its only when several of these occur in a person that they get a diagnosis of ASD. You for example may not read peoples facial expressions very well - thats a common autistic trait but it doesn’t mean you are autistic just where that part of you measures on the spectrum. From that perspective everyone is somewhere on the spectrum.

We’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic so I’ll leave it there.


Yes, everyone is on the spectrum and as you age characteristics become more pronounced. It’s just the way it is


Because he had been getting up to mischief.


I don’t know how you can argue there’s no suffering when you see a kid go off if they are exposed to certain things.
I thought that would be pretty obvious to anyone.
Yes off topic. Away we go.


You can bulk up with lean muscle whilst losing weight. Which i believe he has done.


He can translate exactly what the opposition is saying…handy for understanding toothless Collingwood and Norf fans. Cool!


What the fark has happened to your cool profile pic? Now you’re just an ordinary nob!


Had,as in recently?
Or b4 he joined us?


Huh? ‘Do you even lift bro’?


I’ve probably said this every year but this is going to be a looooong off-season.


As in since he has joined us and recently.


All it tells me is that he makes poor life decisions and has poor taste in art.


Are we talking just being a playboy or other?


Getting ink is one of the the biggest decisions a person can ever make in life. Buying a house, marrying, they are not as big, because you can actually move into a new house, or marry another person, but the ink is going to be on you for the rest of your life **

** Its actually not important at all, because the decision doesn’t effect anyone else one way or another.


Well, for some people getting ink is a big decision, others not so much.


Nothing else mattress.


For Whom the Alarm Clock Tolls


No Regerts


Harvester of Pillow


Enter Sandman, oh wait…