#25 Jake Stringer



The Memory Foam Remains


EDIT: HAP did a silly.


Stringer bean


Has slimmed down a lot over the last few days.




I have most likely missed the joke here - but that’s not Stringer, and he has 3 legs.


Surely that has to add a bit of weight?


Is that Ridley?




Well this is awkward.


Nah - gives him more balance and traction.


Doesn’t work for Joe, he has three legs and he is a gangly giraffe.


See, there’s your problem.


To be fair, 3 legged giraffes struggle too.


There’s photos of Ridley posted yesterday in the Ridley thread where he’s wearing black, black “volt” boots, white hat and a scabby beard. I took that to be correct.
This guy is wearing green, red socks, red Adidas boots, no facial hair: different guy.

I guess that means the “Ridley” photo is actually stringer. In which case, Stringer has slimmed down an absolute ton.

Anyone know which one is signed to “volt” boots?


Geez you’d love to be in a police line up against some of you blokes trying to pick out a face.



That is Stringer.


I’m not having a good pre-season.

Still reckon he’s 5-10kg bigger than last year @Bully ?


That’s the argument for playing shirts vs skins.
Unless Ridley or some other player has a Stringeresque tattoo?


That pic is sooo 2016


Don’t worry Witness 3838 will tell us who it is.