#25 Jake Stringer

Maybe just not follow her on Instagram and she will go away.

It takes two to tango.


It was in the news.

She sounds like a horrid …

Who cares if it was on the news.

It’s only news because people actually care about that ■■■■.

She’s no saint but neither is Jake.

It would be best if she didn’t have public profile at all.

And there is only one way for that to happen…

Why the ■■■■ would you even post that ■■■■ here? Why bring that negative energy? Fkg hell its like some people go out of their way to find pointless drama

I only said so because you said don’t follow her on Instagram.

I don’t have Instagram.

Saw a news article saying former AFL gf is a ******. Suspected it was her. Was right.

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Fair enough.

It just amazes me what constitutes news today.

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Will tear it up on Anzac Day

He has been waiting for this one! Bookmark 4 goals he loves the bigger stage and will give it too a few pie supporters aswell.

He’ll break it open


Commentators mentioned it’s his and Hams bday on Anzac Day. Hopefully he has a day out.

Its not about news, its about content and hits. They can throw rubbish like that up and if no one looks it just becomes junk. But their page has changed, and it looks like they are doing news type stuff.

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A lot of almost games by Jake of late, please please please fire up Anzac Day!


His defensive work rate has improved significantly this year. Great to see. They’re Just not quite going in for him, that will turn around.


I know what it’s about that’s why I don’t watch tv or read newspapers unless it’s sport related :blush: I get most of my culture from blitz :joy:

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This bloke averaged over 4 tackles and 19 pressure acts a game this season. Clearly focusing on the pressure side of his game. Very good to see and a reflection of his higher fitness level. Can’t wait for him to kick a bag though :slight_smile:


Time to focus on his set shot kicking a goal. It’s sub Daniher levels of awfulness


In fairness to him, the set shots he has had of late have been from tough angles about 45m out.

His time will come. With this forwardline, you can’t keep all players in check for 4 quarters.

His big games will come.

So are you saying he is providing more fwd pressure than Baguley?

Ssshhh…Don’t tell KM.

Running through the midfield from time to time probably inflates those numbers a tad. They should really breakdown that stat into f50 pressure acts not just tackles.

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It’s ordinary.

It also doesn’t seem to matter.

“Person on instagram acting like wanker” more news headlines at 5

You can see Jake is really fit and giving a crack every time…surprised by the low number of possessions he gets in games though.