#25 Jake Stringer

Early in games he looks like he’s about to tear it up, then seems to fade. Would love to see him get completely off the leash as I reckon he’s capable of having the odd Ablett snr type game. And I don’t mean 6-7, I reckon he’s the type who could kick 10.

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Yes, but when watching the game you see the shepherds, blocks and other non-possession getting stuff.


When he kicked that snap goal in the 4th did he do a Dev Smith running man celebration?

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Yeah he sure did.

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Sure did ,and so did I.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Where’s the video, we wanna see your style!

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Almost game from him last week.

Can football, verily.


Was great today. Clearly a gun of the AFL


was awesome, but so close to ripping it in to a million pieces. so farken close.

How good was his baulking and dancing around a few Collingwood defenders in a tight spot in the pocket at the Punt Rd end, then squirting out a little pass to set up a goal for Bags?

He’s a farking a magician at times.


He’s a bit of a tease currently, but it’s only a matter of time before he tears a game apart.

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Love him.

If only he had kicked that snap in the last quarter to put us in front :grimacing:

I was so sure it went through…


His attitude is top-notch week-in-week-out…the wider AFL public probably don’t realise this…they probably still have him categorised as a talented but lazy flake.


He was exceptional. Keep that goal kicking up and he moves into elite category.


Remember when we tried turning him into a mid?

He can play bursts through there. But he’s a A grade, just about elite forward

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Will absolutely dominate a game soon. He’s had some great games for us already, but something tells you he will get 5+ goals, 25+ possessions and just man handle everyone that comes near him…and I will smile and laugh and Yahoo :grin:

I know Shiel has been excellent for us, but from game 1 it’s been Stringer who has been switched on and delivering.


Natural footballer. He’s not an athlete, or a high school prefect, or super elite at any particular facet of the game. He’s just a natural farking footballer. I love him