#25 Jake Stringer


Has kicked 7 goals 1 behind.

He’s lockettesque :blush:


Now he was an athlete…


Jake Stringer is an elite forward.


He’s been doing really well as the 3rd tall, but I’d be tempted to bring in Laverde and free Jake up a bit. I think Stringer, Brown and even Daniher don’t present enough in the F50, especially in slow plays, preferring to get out the back whilst getting the smaller forwards presenting. It was evident yesterday without Fantasia.


I :heart::black_heart: Jake Stringer, especially when he does take on the tackler, and the backward glance, after he has effected the kick away, towards the unsuccessful tackler.


Well, technically


Good to see the team-play by Stringer…the two goals he gave Baguley just shows he is a much better player now.


He played well, but so did his opponent. Howe was one of their better players I thought.


Haps the proverbial “well acktualley”.


Love his swagger, aggression & stick it up the opposition fans attitude. He’s been fantastic all year.


I bookmarked it and you were wrong, but yes he was awesome and gave us swagger.


Loving him this year.

Howe was a great matchup for him… had it been most other teams who don’t have a Howe type, Stringer would have exploded.

Keep him forward, looks so much more dangerous than when he has stints in the middle


I’m one of the few who think he got beaten on Anzac Day. Continually played behind Howe which allowed him to run at the ball and intercept mark. I just wish he played in front. (He doesn’t normally but i would like to see him change up when the time requires it).


He tore it up though!

Put down 4 against the Cats then :wink:


Jakey plays too selflessly to be making predictions like that. When 9 out of 10 players would take a shot he’ll pass it to a team mate in a higher percentage spot every time. He gives zero ■■■■■ about numbers. He’s probably the most selfless player we have.


I think Bellchambers has him covered, he’s so selfless he will sometimes even pass to a team mate in a worse position


If Shiel had a bit more penetration on his kick, Stringer would have ended up with 3 goals. That’s a good outing for any forward these days.


His eye of the needle pass to Bagley was crazy but sublime.


Dwayne Russell is that you?


Geez, you really know how to hurt a fella !