#25 Jake Stringer


He rolls it… GOALS IT!


Am I the only one who lives the Dwayne Quotes?



is that really necessary?



Strake Jinger


Drake: Singer


I hope he’s nowhere near the commentary box when we play Geelong, yeah he’s just a little biased.


He’s one of the most excitable, not the worst

(Admittedly I don’t have Foxtel, so rarelybhear him)



Hahaha…ergh what does that even mean?


i just mumbled the exact same thing.


Next week, then?


Having a great year so far, easily been our most consistent player. Kept us in the game longer than we should have been, just makes things happen when he’s around the ball


Like Goddard has been sold a lemon by Essendon.
Plays with heart and spirit which is alien to many of his team mates


BOG today by the proverbial.


If he isn’t leading the B and F by a mile at this stage, the coaches value the wrong thing


Great game today.
Plays with spirit and skill to match.


When our forward line is at full strength this guy will go to another level.


You mean IF not when, don’t you?


Best on today. Well done Jake


Would we have scored if Jake wasn’t out there today? Well done, Jake.