#25 Jake Stringer


Our best player this year my some way. I’d love to get out first choice forward line out there at some stage.


He would be leading our best and fairest at this stage.

Haven’t seen a bomber display so much leadership since Jobe, and that speaks volumes


Yeap :wink:


Another excellent game by Jake. Thought he was impacting in bursts yesterday, rather than being even through the match. But he was very effective. And that long goal form inside the centre square shows how dangerous and skilled he is.


Loved his work in setting up the Langford missed shot in the 2nd.

He was better than Ablett yesterday but you wouldn’t hear about it.


Love the way the bloke goes about it. His passion and consistency is so refreshing to watch.


you mean like the supporters.


I wish he were twins.


He will win our goslkicking imo. He could easily get to 50


Deserves to be in the leadership group.


Been our best and most consistent all year, if he keeps going the way he is he’ll win our bnf and deservedly so


Even more impressive if you consider his 6 assists and 45 score involvements.



Our top 3 in the BnF could well be Jake, Shiel and Saad at this stage. We should only trade from now on.


He’s my favourite at the club at the moment. Loved his interview after the game. He has grown so much as a player and person was clearly hurting after the loss.


Absolute ■■■■ take that a player with a questionable attitude and commitment comes to Essendon and is so disgusted they begin to raise our standards out of frustration

We are the softest stupidest club on the league who’ve spent 15 years teaching the league that Essendon grows soft lazy footy players while destroying their skills

Every traded player in the last 5 years has looked more competitive than players we’ve grown in club for decades

■■■■■■■ disgrace what an embarrassing time for everyone involved


tell us how you really feel


There’s a lot of drama queens after a loss.


■■■■■■■ oath


Love having Jake at the club, he’s was great last year and looks to be better this year.

I’[d just like to point out though, he had a disposal efficiency of 56% on Sunday, 59% for the season. Compare that with Hepps 71% …and the criticism he cops every week.