#25 Jake Stringer


Are scoring shots effective disposals?



Harder in the forward line where you don’t chip it sideways


Ablett (81) and Hawkins (79) would suggest otherwise


go barrack for a more competitive side then. i hear fark carlton memberships are going for cheap…


Stringer bombs goals from 65. Hep can’t make it from 35. I know who id rather.


mattyb went ape


Sure he does, and as I said earlier, he’s fantastic. It just ■■■■■ me that Hepp, who is equally if not more fantastic, gets held to a totally different standard.


its the dreads, get rid of em hepp.


Jake has also had less spoils than ambrose, less running bounces than Saad and less intercept marks than Hooker, whats your point?
His disposal efficiency wont be as high as Hepps because he has a lot of shots on goal and misses a reasonable number of them, his footskills in general i think are better tbh

Hepp is the captain and Top tier midfielder so yeah not surprising he is held to a higher standard!


Make him our captain next year. Pls.


Was very poor Friday night.

Had been very good up until then.

Undisciplined 50m penalty was the turning point.

Rampe gave him an absolute bath on intensity and hunger


What a gun. Loved just about everything he did tonight. Clearance beast. B&F contender… no wait B&F favourite for mine.


I so wanna boof him


If we make the finals it’s in very large part due to Jake. Plays smart and has the body to stand his ground and win the contest. No one else on our side does what he does.


Love him


Would love to see the stat on percent of times he gets the clearance when he’s in the middle. Beast.


Love how he backs himself and takes the opposition on - he has no fear and believes in himself. Plus has excellent rapport with the team.


Winning our B&F like he is competing with Bill Shorten.


Just an absolute gun!