#25 Jake Stringer


This consistent, team-oriented, fights-when-we’re-losing version of Stringer, is at complete odds with the inconsistent flashy front-runner we supposedly traded for.


Dont care about that really, what he does forward of centre no one else does. He’s so important to our forward structure


Turning into my favourite player… love what he brings.


Has genuine football smarts.

Is worth a lot more than what we paid for him.


Without doubt our best player. Cant be tackled and wins the ball to advantage every time he is near it. All Australian for mine. Up there with the De Goeys and the Dangerfields. Better than Fye. Just my humble opinion. He would be a nightmare to match up on. And to think, he is perhaps the most team oriented player we have in the side. Makes Daniher look profoundly selfish at times. Thank god he plays for us


The guy is playing great footy. Everytime we need him to stand up and he does.he balance is unreal. Never goes to ground








Is he not clunking as many as he was last year?
Keep seeing him drop some I’m sure he would take, thought he had prime hands


He’s never been a good mark


The package. Delivering.


Stringer is a top 10 player in the comp when he finds form…

So lucky to have him and we did get a bargain from the doggies.


He wanted to move on so it’s been excellent for Jake (and for us) but also good for Western Bulldogs.

Who did they end up getting from the trade?


Helped them get Schache from Brisbane mainly.


Loves the fans


I’d hate to think where we’d be in a win-loss sense if he wasn’t playing.

If he misses a game through injury then we are stuffed.


Getting the team back from the dead, NightKing style



Imagine a team of guys with the mongrel and sheer talent of jake.

Does he go to Martin for Dreamtime?


Its starting to look like Jake is our main big bodied midfielder at centre bounces now.
Can we clone the guy and have one in the forward line and one around stoppages?