#25 Jake Stringer


He’s been great this year but I am still waiting for him to break a game open like he did for the doggies.

Like kick 3-4 goals in a quarter and turn the game on its head coz he has the capability of doing so


Think he has to do so much of the hard work atm that he can’t just be the cream and kick those opportunistic goals as he has in the past, like the one Joe gave him Sat night. If we can start to get on top more around the ground and he can stay deeper and feed off Joe and co then I have no doubt he will do this soon


Look like a hammy


What can go wrong is going wrong at the moment


It is


lol naturally


sorry jake.


Get him right for next year.

No point subjecting him to the rest of this season.


Another draft pick👍


You want him to be out with an 8 week hamstring?



This years injuries can’t just be bad luck. Because luck should even out which means next year we should have virtually no soft tissue injuries. This is bad management from a high performance coach and fitness staff. There is no sugar coating it.


Didn’t Stringer, near the end of last weeks game, grab for the back of his knee? He came on for the last couple but surprise, surprise does his hammy this week? Good chance there’s a correlation between the two and if so, a further nail in the medical/conditioning teams coffins after the club does its expected review


Dylan Clarke said…

Love Jakeys attitude. He seems to have found the right balance of care for his teammates ( in this case generosity) and taking responsibility on field when he needs to.


Absolute legend, plays with heart and a desire to win when few else were. Now he’s injured and helping out kids on our list to help us get wins.

If package isn’t part of the leadership group next year we value all the wrong things as a club


Im not sure what I thought he was at the Dogs, but it definitely wasn’t this.


Why are you choosing? We already have both!


Imagine how good Jake would be if we could have a fit Smack and Joey D playing in the same forward line. To many times he has had to do it alone with the amount of injuries we have had to our big forwards. He is an absolute gun and will only get better. Has leadership written all over him since he has come to us which you probably couldn’t say when he was at the dogs. Says alot about him and the way the club has helped him grow as a person.


Tacos to you too.


Agree about the growing up as a person thing. Some players are more sorted/mature/better focused/ etc at a younger age than others. And we all have different challenges and roads to take. If Jake’s in a better place now then that’s great for him. And if Essendon gave him a better environment then good on the club.

He looks very determined and serious this year, and his performances have reflected that. He’s played play well from game one this year - not many, if any, others could claim that.


You get the feeling that the Bulldogs’ Stringer would not have been a good mate of Adam Saad.