#25 Jake Stringer


Keep Francis in the team and forward

Getting some Stringer learnings will be great for his overall game


hope he’s alright


Please be ok Jake. So important and exciting to watch.


What was the injury? Couldn’t tell from the game?


no one knows, has his calf bandaged. He was going for a mark and a Hawks player accidentally rolled over his leg.


He got a big push in the back, is why.


I’m guessing but I reckon he’ll be right for next week.

He nearly came back on. Richardson said there doesn’t appear to be any structural problem. He was just sore


cheers- that’s promising


He was running on at three quarter time when all the push and shove started

I assumed he was ok from that


Seems to cop alot of injuries but then he’s fine a week or 2 later, even his hammies are rehabbed within 2 weeks.

Wierd body, fingers crossed it’s similar with this one and he’s at least back for GWS.


Yeh if it was close they may have put him back on. Just depends on how much it bruises/ swells and how he rehabs it in short week.
I would probably back him in to play even if it’s a little sore, he’s a tough cookie.


Cross all your fingers & toes people


Tough body. Reminds me of Stewie Crameri.


Just gave an update on Fox Footy, said hes been cleared of any serious damage and that hes just pretty sore, and that the bombers are expected to release a statement shortly.


That’s great news!


They are both from the same neck of the woods (Maryborough), might be something in the water!


Outside chance for next week https://www.essendonfc.com.au/news/2019-06-15/stringer-injury-update


Thank fark


That’s great that it was just a knock.

I look forward to seeing him miss the next 3 weeks


He definitely rolled it as well so you’d think a week or two. Not much chance off a 6 day break.