#25 Jake Stringer


So no break for String?

Would be a miracle to play this week though right?


Was it the leg he broke as a junior?


No Richo said on the telecast that it was the other leg


Extremely good news for the club and Stringer. Get him right for GWS.


Still can’t believe he didn’t receive a free for getting shoved in the back

Get well soon jake, been phenomenal this season


I’d rest him anyway, short break, let Brown or Francis take on WCE and get him ready for a big GWS game at home.


Seemed pretty clear cut the push, and then the player coming in from the front was in no position to mark, just there to take out the body. Hawks 101


I thought it was really good bodywork and more side on.

Good result, there’s no fracture, hopefully back soon.


Glanced at the HS today and noticed a column by Devon Smith - in which he mentions that Stringer was the first player to visit him in hospital post-operation and sat by his bed for 4 hours while Smith was battling pain and could barely speak.


quite amazing how so many in the footy world and many here were against/ questioning picking him up due to his attitude, selfishness, bad influence etc. has proven everyone wrong - great teammate, on and also off the field, goes hard and tries his heart out even when others go missing, always plays with heart… what a great move.


Not really. There were justifiable doubts given the circumstances in which he left the Dogs. He’s proven the doubters wrong though, and that’s a massive credit to him. We all make mistakes but it’s how we respond to them that defines our character. He must be a bloke with strong character.


The entire article is in the Devon Smith thread, it’s a great read.


I’ll admit I wasn’t sure if he’d fit in but then this happened and he won me over:


Last night showed just how much we missed this guy.

Not only does he bring the ball to ground but he also scraps and fights for it and creates opportunities for others.

Hope he’s back next week.


If we can get both him and JD playing a long stretch of games together in the forward line, with Stringer popping up in the mid every so often, we will be hard to beat. Problem is they both keep going out injured and it is very disruptive.


Can’t wait to see him alongside a fit JD, I think having a big target allows him to play his game better and be there for a few ground balls too.

I think my ideal forward line next year would be.

FF Tippa Stringer Mozzie
HF Fantasia Daniher Laverde


The problem there is Daniher is pissweak in marking contests and goes into ruck also leaving us with no actual kpf down there

And Stringer gets used in midfield stints also as well as not really being a good contested marking target

Which means we’d be getting intercept marked against all day long

We need another genuine strong contested marking kpf IMO that opposition main kid defender would go to. If only we could clone Hooker.


Wot ?


You think he doesn’t get pushed out the way easily by any kpd with some strength? Swans play Rampe on him FFS as can get away with it


I think he flops a little. Once he stops that nonsense i think he’ll be very hard to out-mark.