#25 Jake Stringer


I’d reckon Darcy moore thinks Joe’s an ok mark



Unlucky. Of course it had to be one of our best forwards.


lel. as if he was only going to miss a week.

we are cursed.


Rotten bad luck for another one of our forwards but at least it gives Laverde some more chances to have a break-out game. He’s competed well since he’s come back into the side.


Doesn’t sound good. Google informs me 2-6 weeks and might even involve plaster and or joint capsule repair


google said that? when does he begin chemo?


After radio


Can’t say I’m surprised. When the club announced there was no break my immediate thought was well what is wrong then…


Hoping today’s injury report has good news for Stringer

Seems a rather pesky injury however for an AFL player



And there it is…

Good news!!




I had a similar injury playing footy. Xray showed that my fib had actually torn away from the knee joint. Was massively painful when I did it worse then when I broke my fib down near the ancle a few years before.

Only took a few weeks to be back running. But took a long time before I had any confidence in changing direction. Hopefully his isn’t as bad.


Another article with “Sam Edmund thinks…”

Tom Browne levels of fuckedupness.

Who the absolute ■■■■ is Sam Edmund to know?


Wait for it.




Sam Edmund is a mad,keen cycling fan - He’d rather be at the Tour De France.


My dog loves that add the original and not sure what we were waiting for, he always used to miss the Wombat, ??


Strongly like the cut of this guys jib. Welcome back bog fella!


Rapt he is back. So important for us.