#25 Jake Stringer


We need some big games from him.

Was good the first 6-7 weeks then had an average few games before getting injured.

I think his year has been overrated. Some people reckon he is leading b&f!??

Like I said was top 3 for first 6-7 weeks but then did drop away heavily




He’s dropped a few kgs since last year


Love him


Hope he plays, attending my first match for the year tomorrow with my son.

(will probably be the only match I can attend this year)


lol you do realise he was playing with injury concerns that were limiting him before he had the big blow up? Your posting seems a little overrated at times…actually every post.


Did I miss something? He didn’t have a blow up. He got injured in a marketing contest.


Can’t wait to watch the big fella play again today! Forwardline of Stringer, Raz, Walla, Lav, Brown and Smack is going to be pretty dangerous.




The best GIF to ever grace Blitz


I found it interesting post game that Stringer said he didn’t feel he was right to go but the selection panel backed him in.

Glad he didn’t aggravate his injury.


Captain obvious but geez he’s a massive upgrade on Begley, I’m not sure we would have won if he didn’t play.


I felt Laverde took over the Begley tole today.


Least effective forward role?


I’m not sure I like this very much. I wonder if the same thing is happening with Raz.


Someone has to do it.


It’s a pretty heavily contested role.

Drop in our 2017 forward line (sub Stringer in for Green, send Hooker back) and we’re top four this year.



Press ganged.


Best thing from Stringer in this game is the dirty look on his face after Hooker ignored him all by himself late in the game and kicked it to Lav…was super filthy


Yeah noticed that. Thought he’d be wondering about why he’s playing with a bunch of morons who continue to take the wrong options. He, himself had shown 5 mins earlier how to use the ball well.
He’d made space to be open i50 on the flank yet is ignored, I assume Hooker wanted to use clock up, and then watches another low IQ entry kick fly into the forward 50 to a contest where it’s luckily marked.
If he had received the pass, he 100% would’ve marked it, could’ve used time up and had a shot on goal.