#25 Jake Stringer


Continues to surprise does Jakey

You’d have thought he was the devil reincarnated being pushed from Dogs. Idiots


It’s hilarious how it all went down.


Package delivers, on and off the field.

Well done Jake.


This broke needs to go hard at the contest of defensive side of his game.

Take some players out


Their trash (by the way they treated him at the end), our treasure. :slightly_smiling_face:


Jake regularly visits kids in hospitals too.

All in his own time


Love him even more


Posting this because I love it.


I hope he keeps them for the game.


^^^ Has said he will.
This bloke’s a star on and off the ground. Love him in the red and black.

Actually, most AFL players are pretty good with this sort of stuff.
Should be more made of it and less of the slacious gossip the AFL media circus focus on.


What a gun


Two second round picks for this bloke.

We’ve got away with absolute daylight robbery.


he’s my favourite player i think. plays like he gives a ■■■■ and has fun whilst doing it.


I love Dyson, but, gee, there were moments in today’s game where I thought ‘Stringer would make a dayum fine Captain someday’.


3rd Qtr boundary angled drop punt slot. WOW!!!




how much did his boots sell for? or are they not yet sold…


I think Ronald McDonald made him give them back


Has put together a pretty solid year so far.

Somehow I reckon he’s massively underrated outside of Essendon,


Only by the Doggies, dude. Everyone else is like…