#25 Jake Stringer


Needs more Lion tattoo


You know, just like the argument I had on GF day about Hird and the Norm Smith … time to move on. How long is a person made suffer for mistakes made? They’ve done their time, lost a lot because of their actions. Of course, there’s people stuck in a loop with the perpetrator forever punished. Likely these people have an axe to grind but seriously, why begrudge a person the opportunity to turn their life around with a new beginning?


You are perhaps judging by your morality, not his or indeed mine.


And this so called “journalist” has done their job as a “journalist” that is an opinion piece with no research, hashing up old information for clickbait purposes to gain an outcry. Have they contacted the club? Spoken to Abby? How do they know that the club hasn’t done anything to support Abby, cos that screams of NO RESEARCH…


You really are a ■■■■ individual aren’t you. Maybe, just MAYBE, he is doing everything he can in the background to support his daughters and make up for a wrong he did, and would prefer that that is done quietly. The “puff pieces” are about positive reinforcement. Cos its not being reported OBVIOUSLY its not happening, right? Get off the soapbox.


That’s taking it a bit far.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Most agree the article is click bait but it doesn’t mean everyone has to.


I actually think that the worst part of the article is the reference to the 2 AFL execs that lost their jobs. Firstly their issue was that it was with co workers. Secondly Stringer did lose his job. His new job is with EFC.


it reads like something youd find on Tumblr.


It basically is.


I hope he is! I have no problem with Jake.

I have a problem with AFL media and club PR.

The “puff pieces” aren’t about positive reinforcement. It’s the AFL industry patting itself on the back and the club trying to get some positive spin.

A good way to stop journalists re-hashing the story? Keep a low profile for the preseason!


Seriously what fantasy land do you live in?


Umm weren’t Geelong the 2nd most interested club after us?

She’s a triggered moron.


Might be so, but she is in a position of influence, which in my mind, makes her a dangerous triggered moron.


I did have a chuckle at this line.

I hope she’s going to back this up with an article on the netballer who cheated on her partner.


What a fkn c**t. No wonder people get personally abused after writing articles like that.


Does Abby have a job? Or is she just a professional instagrammer?


I don’t think sniping at Abby is particularly necessary. What she does for a living is none of our damn business tbh.


I think it’s a valid position to take that Stringer deserved more repercussions for his actions than he got. He obviously did some pretty bad stuff and truly hurt and betrayed the people closest to him. Either way he’s a very lucky man to have had Essendon give him a second chance. At the very least I think Essendon can’t cover for him if he acts in a similar fashion again. If he truly is turning over a new leaf then all power to him but if not he doesn’t deserve to be at our club.


The article in question is written in response to a piece on Stringer’s preseason a few days before.

Most of the quotes are taken from spin put out about his training.

Give Stringer all the help he needs. Just don’t try and make a song and dance about the hard work he’s putting in.


I don’t know mate… have you seen how many kgs he’s lost this summer?