#25 Jake Stringer


She’s having an elite preseason.


Does what again? Have extramarital affairs? Have consenting sex with of age women? (Despite how morally questionable is was it’s still legal), I only ask because I want to know how much influence you expect the club to have over our players personal lives. If he gets on tinder and has consensual sex with 7 or 8 different partners a month should the club rip up his contract?


So basically you can’t be acknowledged for your achievements in your professional environment if you’re a bad person in your personal life?


Like the reigning Brownlow medallist ( not that he doesn’t deserve the award).


You can. But If you do so through the media, don’t be shocked when personal issues that have also been raised in the media less than two months ago re-appear.

It’s all part of his #comebackstory i suppose…


Mate - he won’t though. The gambling issue is sorted now too. What part of shedding 4kgs and having an elite preseason don’t you understand?


Farking bully journalist. What does she want him to do? Quit AFL? He’s trying to start over with a new club and you expect the new club not to encourage him from the fresh start? Fuqing sour journalist. He’s done the wrong thing and copped major abuse publicly and will be remembered for it but articles like this is what drives public figures to do worse things. How does it feel being a nagging, inappropriate journalist driving public profiles to their downfall? Leave his private life alone, he’s only 23 at the end of the day…


I wish Jake all the best. Hope he kills it for us. Just sick of this redemptive crap of football clubs that get peddled out. Sick of our club using it as a way to sell memberships.


It’s not for selling memberships its for selling hope.

Something our great club hasn’t had a lot of the last 5 years.


He is now divorced from his wife and presumably it played a role in him being kicked out of the Bulldogs. He has also had all this come out in the public spotlight.

My question is exactly what more repercussions do you want? He committed no crime other than being an absolute prick to his wife.

Honestly I think the world has gone too far if he needs to be punished more than he already has. In fact I don’t think it should be in the media at all. There would be many cases of very similar behavior occurring to everyday couples, but guess what nothing happens to them because IT IS NOT A CRIME!!!

Note I am not condoning him and his behavior at all, in fact I think what he did is appalling. But it is his and his wifes business not mine.


You make it sound like it’s Jake and the club writing these articles. All the articles I’ve read have been from external newspaper and quotes from players/staff that have been asked direct questions about Jake. Would you seriously like them to say ‘no comment, we’re trying to keep a low profile’

Fantasy land stuff


Couldn’t help her self could she had to give one last parting shot before she leaves.

Good riddance you old hag.


plus, I reckon Jake probably doesn’t want any articles written about him. I’ve never paid attention to his media appearances previously but he looks like he’d rather be hiding away at the moment


I’m confused as to who it was.

Is it Panahi?


No, it was Susie O’Brien apparently. Granted, it is awfully difficult to tell the hate-fuelled ramblings of her, Panahi and SWMNBN apart…

In summary though… as bad as SWMNBN is, she is merely the bottom of the barrel whereas RP and SO’B are the splinters at the bottom of the barrel. Before she became an embittered old hag, SWMNBN may at least have done something to qualify as a journalist. The other two by contrast are typical of the Z-grade New Idea columnists masquerading as journos these days.


The original post with the article should add O’Brien’s name.
Red/white witch makes it unclear which witch is which…


O’Brien channeling Caro After all, Caro got a Walkley for her rants.


Never heard of her.

It looked distinctly like the work of those other two hags.

You know you are a good journalist when your voice is the same tone as two other journalists in the same market.


Comment on Susie O’Brien re an Edelsten piece she did

SUSIE O’BRIEN, Journalist
Herald Sun, News Corporation ASX:NWS,
31 September, 2016
The story ‘Geoff’s certainly one for the ages’ is gutter journalism at its worse.
There were never 3 Lamborghinis with the alleged number plates.
To infer that the delivery of 20,000 babies and owning a nightclub “Centrefold” might not be accurate is true gutter journalism as no effort was made to confirm the facts.
The rest of the story is punctuated with blatant lies.
There were no trips to the supermarket in a Rolls Royce Phantom.
Edelsten never was in love with his secretary. It was a longstanding professional relationship. But why should this gutter journalist find and publish the truth. Why
Why not mention that 2 Supreme Court judges have found that his conviction and deregistration was false.
To mention the ATO when there is nothing owed to the ATO, and they are not snapping at his heels is just horrific gutter journalist.
O’Brien has breached the Domestic Violence Law and the Intervention Order granted Edelsten over Grecko, which makes her a criminal advocate by her quoting Grecko and her behaviour.


I dont believe Jake Stringer and Abby Gilmore were “married” but were “engaged” so, they cannot be “divorced”. Infidelity is not grounds for divorce anyway.
A reconciliation between the 2 is not impossible. We have no idea how they relate to each other, and its none of our business, nor is it any business of Susie Obrien either…