#25 Jake Stringer


Go team has been scorned by an ex apparently…move on chump… jake has :slight_smile:


Correct, no one cheats on their partner, falls pregnant to a f*ck buddy and then doesnt tell their current partner…


moment’s silence for JB10

@Jake_Brady_10 did you ■■■■ in her wardrobe?


Can I add one?

You broke the law by sending nude pictures of me to others without my permission.


They’ve just picked up 2 brownlow medalists in 3 years, good to know their ceo doesn’t rate them talent wise, merely character wise.

meh the rest, She’ll go places, the bitterness matches only one person and seeing she’d leaving her job, obviously this feminazi is ready to step up and take it.


That one is gonna sting for a while buddy.


Alright let’s start talking about Jake Stringer’s footy…


Yes please!


Hope they’re also working on his kicking if he’s to play midfield minutes.
Always been able to roost it, and can get the ball in traffic, but needs to add some smarter mid distance passing to his repertoire if he’s to be a truly damaging mid.
Don’t want every kick forward sitting on Joe and Cales head / expecting them to bust a pack.


Still hasn’t nominated a team


I just had to post another link to this highlights reel. It’s insanely good. I’m not sure who produced it but it’s SO MUCH BETTER that the AFL-produced highlight reels, which tend to focus solely on kicking goals. This has got it all - Jake busting thu packs like a Mack ■■■■■■■ truck, big fend offs, explosive runs, deft touches… and the editing and use of music/commentary is first rate.

Can the season start already?


Super pumped after that!!

Whoever produced it was in tears the day he left. They must have loved the man.


Shelton doesn’t approve. Too much slo-mo.


The guy is a power athlete.

Will take us to the next level.


Likes a bit of the old don’t argue.


Can play.


He is so strong through the hips in that video. Also what is clear is that bulldogs have zero fans, this guy playing infront of the 60k plus essendon army will be massive.


No way we’ll get him. He’ll go to Geelong…or Gotdon will kybosh the deal.


Geelong have a very strong leadership group.

He will need that.


Jake would have met Dangerfield and then be like “what a figjam” when he left lols