#25 Jake Stringer


My BIL has made me sit through this clip about 5 times over the last couple of years, ramming down how brilliant he is… :slight_smile:


Ablett and Smith would have spouted the bible at him.


Are we turning into America where they just hate winners? I’ve never really understood the Dangerfield hate or criticism he cops


Oh the character of that leadership group! So much character. Imagine if they had talent too!


It’s not his onfield. I think he is a gun

It’s the constant obsession in the media around him. I swear we get a tour of moggs creek every year.


I used to like watching the way he played with the crows, but since becoming a cat he gets himself way too much media exposure, clearly building his repertoire for after footy & comes across as a bit too smooth & on extremely good terms with himself (flog).
And the jumper he wears these days is enough to give even a decent bloke a serious downgrade in my eyes.
Anyway that’s my theory.
Don’t think there’s anything more to it than the FIGJAM syndrome.
And I work with & know a lot of geelong fans; to them he’s an absolute golden boy!!
Doesn’t help.


Essentially it sounds like you are envious of both him and Geelong.


Him and dusty are the best 2 players in the game by a fair margain. Always going to be a circle jerk over them, it’s natural


Have you seen the ad of him with a surfboard wearing a suit???


Yes, but that’s not his fault.


"No i won’t do this interview, especially since i did a sitdown chat with you guys last week, and the week before, rinse and repeat’


Anyone who can’t see his midfield potential when they watch that video is deluded - half of it is him fending away and bursting through packs. That video pumped the ■■■■ out of me!


America hates winners?


Imagine what he got paid for it. Would you say no?


I don’t begrudge him doing it, i hate that it s blasted on the footy ads 30 times a game.


I just posted this video to a mate who thinks he should play 90% of the time forward. I would love this beast of a man doing 50/50 split at least. I was captivated for all 5 mins of that clip.


I reckon that’s far more an Australian thing, than an American one.
Americans tend to idolise their heroes. We hang ■■■■ on them.


Yep, we’re terrible for tall poppy syndrome.


A few years ago, Suzie O’Brien wrote a column about the death, in “mysterious circumstances” of two children. In it, she all but accused the children’s recently divorced mother of killing them.

In doing so, she piled grief upon grief onto this woman (and her husband who knew his ex-wife was incapable of such a thing). The children died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

It’s laughable…writers on a Murdoch rag giving its readers lessons in morality. Jesus wept!


Yeah, and she never apologised to the mother or family.

Anyway, finally met the person who sits down the other end of my office (have only been in this part of the office for a month), has a Bombers poster on his wall. Have been wanting to meet him, but he is rarely in the office. However he was today and we were both leaving work at the same time. Mentioned that I loved his poster, we both said we can’t wait for the season to start. Only remembered to ask his name as he was walking out the door. :slight_smile:

Having watched those highlights am even more impatient now.