#25 Jake Stringer


Spot on. God damn I haven’t been this excite for a season to start for as long as I can remember and it’s only ■■■■■■ December


Negative on both.
Are you envious of FC?
Not all hatred or even dislike is borne of envy.


It’s totally the opposite from what I hear. She’s holding them from him and trying to take him for everything he’s worth. Taking every media opportunity she can to pot him whilst flaunting herself as mother of the year on insta. I’ve heard she’s a [email protected]&t.
It doesn’t justify infidelity if that is true but it’s one sided journalism


Where are you hearing that from? Or is it something you are just assuming from Instagram?


Same place I heard he was coming to us ages before it was confirmed. Good mate of mine that knows him


Right, so it is a bit of a he said she said sort of situation?


Don’t think this is the right forum for talking about players x partners.


I don’t think Jake has commented other than to say Abby is a wonderful mother.

Can someone please make the footy start tomorrow … this stuff is truly ■■■■


I’d trust what I’ve heard more than what some journo has written but not fussed it’s an open forum so just my two cents


We now have the players I would have considered to be picks #1 and #2 in the 2012 draft retrospectively in Daniher and Stringer.

We also have two players you would retrospectively pick in the top 6 in the 2013 draft in zerrett and Fantasia.

We have Langford and Laverde and 2014 draft who will hopefully come on.

We have Parish from the 2015 draft who is clearly top 5 and hopefully Francis will come good.

We have Andy McGrath and Begley from the 2016 draft who I reckon will both be considered top 5-10 talent in hindsight.

The future is ■■■■■■■ bright

This makes me happy.


Why are you downgrading McGrath to between 5 - 10?


No downgrading, #1 is still top 5-10


so top ten then?


Wow, what’s happening in the Stringer thread? Oh, ■■■■. Don’t bite people or they’ll keep writing about it.


I can see it with the midfield idea. If Langford develops into the center clearance mid everyone is hoping we get guys like Stringer and Zach Merrett around that with Heppell, Parish, Smith and Zaka and look out. McGrath too. That’s a lot of strong clearance and elite disposal with speed both on leg and moving the ball on. Goddard and Heppell are probably the only below average movers but obviously make up for it in their own ways. Raz and Walla to contribute and then there’s the goal nous with those guys, Stringer and Smith. Are we still missing anyone? That comes down to Langford’s development. It all has to be cohesive too, of course.

Exciting stuff ahead.


l took it as in the range of from between 5 - 10. Carry on.


Top 100, even.


Why would you bite people?


Its valid to the conversation because it could affect performance. Just because others don’t like it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stump up what you know. There was 50 other posts about Suzie O’Brien’s piece and your information gives another perspective and insight into the situation. Kudos to you.


Yeah i balked at that comment too.
The US (largely) respects winners no matter what they do.
Australia tears them down.