#25 Jake Stringer


All good BT, was being a bit facetious. For the record, I love watching P Dangerfield play footy, transcends allegiances IMO.


No worries.
Would like to see him get rid of the diving that seemed to be creeping into his game late last season.
He’s better than that.
It’s a terrible look no matter who does it, but it’s even worse when the better players do it (eg Lloyd, Daniher).
Anyway, I digress…


Cheers Foz. Thanks for not shooting down the messenger. As i said it’s up to everyone to take my post on board or not but it’s a free world…


The 50 comments about Susie’s piece were all negative and rightly so.

The majority of supporters mostly want to hear about football and not what goes on in the bedroom.

Footballers are entitled to some privacy.


100% agree with you. Just didn’t like that when someone goes against the blitz flow then blitz whacks them.


I don’t think anyone is whacking Hurley’s Left Boot, it’s just that some things are better left unsaid.

I think we would be better off without the Susie’s and Caro’s Of this world. I question whether Caro actually knows anything about footy.


Theres a chance you are right HLB.
The concept of a female “trying to take him for everything he’s worth” is not new.
In William Congreve’s 1697 said “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”
We are not talking about a phenomenon previously unknown to man.


Good article on awfl site by Callum Twomey today re Jake; the strategies in place to help him successfully manage his life & career & the club’s plans for him onfield.
Some will call it fluff, but it’s also informative.


I think you will find it’s called fluffamation


Club possibly has Carl’s ear to counteract the SO piece?


Cal’s obviously a bomber boy.

People want to read articles of hope in the off season not what those other two evil reporters write.


“Tall poppy syndrome” totally Australian!
Love Dangerfield, hate Dusty & Selwood (you know which one) and love Sloane.
Looking forward to Jake being everything we hope for.


I wouldn’t. I’m talking others not to.


If you want to understand the strengths of this bloke check out these few pictures. Takes the tackle from Begley and then Ambrose jumps on his back. Still couldn’t pull him down and he got the ball away Zaka who was cruising past.

This bloke is a raging bull and we are going to see the very best of what he can do up close, wearing the red and black.

Bring on the footy.



Stringer and his Wife’s issues are none of our business. And who are we to judge.

You may be morally perfect, but some of us are not and don’t care what anyone else thinks. Stringer only exists in my world because he can play football, and may help the Bombers win a flag. While I hope he has a happy fruitful life, if he legally wants to root some 17 year old lady or a willing 70 year old one, it is none of my business.


Settle down Bacchus. In that first shot you can see Andy McGrath’s development. Not exactly twigs for arms either


Those stringer shots are superb. Just looks like a fkg bull.


Big Boi vs Stringer, that alone could fill a stadium.


And we have them both. Pity the opposition defenders who have to pick them up, when they ‘rest’ forward. The new dynamic duo, two raging bulls, that will split packs and leave a trail of devastated bodies in their wakes, as they stream towards goals. Then they will be unleashed into the midfield to cause even more havoc.

l enjoy watching Dangerfield and Dusty, for much the same reason, they make things happen on the field, and are explosive. We look like being able to match them in those terms next season. SEA Level rising, getting pumped.


Maybe before this off-season, it’s more like a Datsun these days.