#25 Jake Stringer


I reckon it is a sad trait of younger generations and most are younger than me, to moralise and push political correctness. My generation have a lot to answer for, but we let people make mistakes and learn from then.


you fkg raised them.


Yep, one of things we farked up.


I agree, probably just need to pick your battles


Just wait until Stringer smiles after a loss.


Bit hard to compare generations when there is so many more platforms for current generations to express their opinions.

We live in the age of opinion.


That might actually help him.


I miss the days when you just had to scratch “Futue Carlton” on a stone wall to give your opinion.


I love reading comments on just about any social media platform.

It brings out the best of humanity.


So you’ll probably be pleased to know I’ve just discovered the swear filter doesn’t block Latin.
Looking forward to some erudite obscenities from those whose opinions have had to toned down to fit the new Blitz platform.


Who is suggesting Jake shouldn’t learn from his mistakes?


Isn’t the way our generation act a by product of learning from your mistakes?

Pushing PC is largely due to wanting a more equal world where everyone has equal rights.


Political correctness has gone mad. I can’t even say what I feel, without others responding to me saying what they feel.


Agree. These politically correct people need to shut up and let me have my freedom of speech.


I’d like to strong arm this entire topic of conversation.


People can’t say what they feel anymore. I said what I felt to a mate, in a newspaper article, on tv and on social media and the keyboard warriors attacked me, pushing their pc agenda, saying what they felt! I was hounded on Twitter! By tweets! I felt so censored that I needed to complain via an editorial in a major metropolitan newspaper.


What Jake does in his private life is nobody’s business (unless he requests a trade to Port Adelaide).


What do you mean? Im saying he does everything for his kids they are his life. His #1 priority is them. If she is now holding them from him and being a c*nt then that is shameful on her.


Hes saying it this way - mcgrath and begley top 5-10
Mcgrath alone is #1 but begley has potentional to be top 5-10 hence the two players top 5-10.


Yeah because no bible basher has ever done anything wrong