#25 Jake Stringer


Maybe we can have an inter generational war and his ex is a ■■■■ Stringer thread, and a footy player Stringer thread? That would be politically adept.


A safe space just for footy talk.

We can put up the following public service message - Trigger warning: Contains talk about footy.


Judging from the laundry list of baby boomer celeb creeps that have only been ratted out in the past 2-3 years - nobody learnt much. Almost like creep behaviour was accepted.


I didn’t say they did, just said it might help,


Yeah…whatever you think.


Well, it might
There’s all sorts of things you could try.


My parents said that as well



Then your generation are poor learners.


That baby in your profile pic must be farken then…


The baby is one of my grandsons who is a quick learner. He is now 8, tallest kid in his year at school kicks both feet and with the bloodlines of a grandfather (not me), who was a great artist, honoured indigenous Leader and a champion footballer. He gets his good looks for me.

benfti will get on the bandwagon soon enough.


Yeah, just like it helped Ablett snr!


Nah hes to blame for everything and doesent let people learn from his mistakes. You said yourself before that you ■■■■■■ up the later generations. So by your own admission, you admit to farking up your kids and grandkids. Well done mate. Great contribution.


No you have trouble with comprehension. I said we let people makes mistakes and helped them learn from them.

Most of my kids are just fine, and when one of my grandkids lines up for the Bombers my life will be complete.


That will be one of the finest days of your life.


My generation have a lot to answer for, but we let people make mistakes and learn from then.

You say this ■■■■ like its mutually exclusive to your generation. Youre constantly having a go at younger generations and have proven you know fark all.


The younger generation just needs to join a football club and be flying on the track preseason.


“II belong to the blank generation
And I can take it or leave it each time”

  • Richard Hell and the Voidoids


You really do have comprehension issues. I only have a go at defensive fucktards like you.

My generation do have a lot to answer for, and we should have done better in many ways, the environment comes to mind. Younger generations don’t have the flexible opportunities that we did, I had many choices for full time employment as an example, today that is limited. I have great faith in today’s youth, and this is no doubt I know a great deal more than you, which would not be difficult.


Its almost appropriate that posters in the Jake Stringer thread become “men behaving badly”. Imagine the outrage if Don Burke had told women they were fucktards. It seems almost refreshing that what he said, he said to their faces, instead of over social media but its certainly a lot less risky over the internet.


Bacchus just hates youngins because hes old.