#25 Jake Stringer



You are right, I am bad. Sorry


What the hell has happened to this thread?!?!


old people


Off season. Collapse of civil discourse.




Stringer is a farkin gun.

I still can’t believe he plays for us.


Just imagine BT in our first game



Yep, All Australian, Premiership Player, leading goal kicker wants to come to our club with a point to prove?

I’ll buy a one way ticket hype train to that!

Absolutely can’t believe people aren’t excited about this! what happened to “Back Our Boys”?



BT going ballistic ahahaha!


Can’t believe no one has mentioned this before. :grinning:


Stuff BT, I’m going to lose my sh*t over the Orazio / Stringer show.


Can’t believe the originality and sageness of that observation


Hence the smiley face. Touche, nonetheless.

Stringer kicked 56 goals in 2015 when he was named an All Australian, and then booted 42 majors in the Dogs' premiership season the following year.

But Essendon coach John Worsfold is keen to utilise the match-winner up the ground as well.

"Stringer will go through there and we believe he’ll play good midfield football without maybe being a full-time midfielder," Worsfold said this week.

“If he got an injury and couldn’t train all through January then that will change our view on how we use him, but we believe if we get the pre-season into him he’ll be able to play up there for potentially 50 per cent of his game time, which will be maybe 50 minutes [a week].”



is still the best piece of grandfinal commentary in the last decade.


Just Watch Stringer will win the Anzac medal and be an all Australian


No, you know fark all. If youre grandson is anywhere near as stubborn and pigheaded as you, theres now way hell make it on an afl list. Youll take pot shots at those younger than you and then say you have great faith in them. Which one is it? You clearly have no idea mate. Pack it in already and stop embarrassing yourself


Unfortunately, this aint a drill. Worse to come.


Just watched Stringer on his own, after everyone else had gone back in, running with a trainer on our bigger oval.

Over and above. Come on Jake!


The legend grows.