#25 Jake Stringer



Nah just no faith in you baby. Have another cry.



But did he look ashamed of himself while he was doing that extra running? Slumped shoulders, loud sighing, a single tear rolling down his cheek, that sort of thing?


I thought I was at an AA or NA meeting for a moment there. Thanks guys.


That’s a very very apt choice of gif


I dont need your faith mate. You contribute nothing on value to this board. All you do is talk negative ■■■■ and have a go at anything that doesent suit you. Go barrack for fark Carlton or something. Youre much more suited to their grouchy supporter base.



No, but there was a group of people yelling “Shame! Shame!” as he walked down the race.


I actually had to avert my eyes, and I’m sure I blushed.


take the argument to the jelly pit, losers.


No, the younger generation just needs to be incognito and keep a low profile.


I know he seems to be training with us now and someone gave him a #25 jumper but has he nominated us yet??


There is NO WAY KNOWN he is leaving Footscray for less than a first round pick! sigh


No, in fact as he was running he was also personally writing an article for the papers about coming back early, shedding 4kg and burning up on the track. It’s all part of the #ImRedeemed PR campaign that he schemed up.


Septa Unella was at training today?


But why wasn’t Franga out there with him?

And Lav, and Langford?

Not good enough.


not sure if serious