#25 Jake Stringer


There’s a quick way to tell.

Was it about spelling or grammar? If not, then not serious.


Well the many leftie labour disciples on this board would beg to differ. To them his words are like ■■■■ to a fly. I think they are just ■■■■.


you spelt Labor wrong


I spelled it exactly how I planned to spell it. It wasn’t a mistake.


I don’t think anyone blamed Jake directly for the PR choices of the club, or the history of AFL media pretending everything is ok because preseason has started.


Was the stone of shame attached


Nope Gordon is being a pleb


What else is new


Was he wearing a hat?


Herald Sun article in 3, 2…


Getting ■■■■■-canned by you gives me a warm feeling.


Oooh, sick burn. :smiley:


Essendon coach John Worsfold impressed by Jake Stringer but offering no guarantees

JAKE Stringer has impressed in his first few weeks as a Bomber, but coach John Worsfold says no player is a lock to play in Round 1.

The premiership-winning former Bulldog was traded to The Hangar in October and has been training with the midfield group so far this preseason.

But Worsfold said nothing is guaranteed, with a seamless preseason key to the 23-year-old winning a berth.

“He’s training really well. We know his unique attributes as a player and we’re seeing them on the training track already,” he said.

“We’ve been really impressed with his midfield stoppage work as well, so it’s exciting.

“I wouldn’t say anyone is a Round 1 lock. We’ve got a pretty talented squad now and everyone is training really well.

“I would expect that if he’s had a really solid preseason and doesn’t miss a beat, that he would be in our best team.”

Skipper Dyson Heppell said that Stringer has had plenty to offer both on and off-field, with “a few dinners” helping the new Bombers fit into the group.

“We’ve seen his ability,” Heppell said.

“He’s been working a fair bit with the midfield group and he’s got that strong body and power around the ball so I think that’ll add another element to the group.”

Worsfold said defence will remain a focus as the team plots its assault on 2018


Good to see he is in the mids group


There it is!

Get the fark out of his way kents.


Gonna be our new midfield bull.
Now we have our own pack busting, spinning, dont arguing power house.
Just get Diesel to show him how to hand ball.


I’m glad the club posted an update. It was 4 days since the last word about Jake from the club.


More valuable exploding away from packs than handballing out of them.


Hird was the word. String is the thing.


Good job we didn’t recruit Josh Hunt then.