#25 Jake Stringer


Personally, my gut feel is Stringer WILL be inconsistent at times.
But my view is that both the chance of environment, and having a point to prove, will still ensure he is a massive weapon for us both forward, and in and around the contest.


He should get a full Toto sleeve.
Only question is Jeff Porcaro or Steve Lukather on the bicep?


Franklin also had the likes of Hodge, Lewis and Mitchell feeding him the ball. You know those guys that have won 4 premiership medals.

He is also getting the ball fed to him now by Luke Parker and Sydney’s COLA fed midfield academy. (Imagine if Joe Dan was getting that kind of supply?!)

I’m not saying Franklin is a dud but I doubt he would be dominating at say Brisbane or North.

He has been very fortunate to play for very good sides with very good coaches.

Look what happened to Lloyd (who kicked two 100 goal seasons something that Franklin hasn’t done.) when he was in a bogus side with a bogus coach (Knights).


holy ■■■■.


Would their stats be anywhere near as good if franklin was dobbing coleman performances like its going out of fashion?


Pretty calm here mate. I stand by what I said, and I am by no means down playing how good Franklin is. Potential been the key word, Sky is the limit with Joe’s talent.


Yes I do think he would dominate in a ■■■■ side like Brisbane or North. Everything would go through him. He would probably average 5 a game and they’d loose by ten goals.

Jacob Reiwolt did really well at the tigers when they played through him.

Lloyd was on track for 50+ knights first year when he tore his hamstring. Was more he lost a bit from the injury than a ■■■■■■■ midfield the next year.


Stringer looks good




He doesn’t have to be super consistent, so long as his cameos are of sufficient quality, and l believe they will be. He only needs to be explosive a couple of times a match to swing momentum our way.


Wouldn’t him having an impact every match mean that he is consistent?


Yes, but not consistently consistent.


I want to see him play as a RAGING BULL.


“…boxer whose self-destructive and obsessive rage, sexual jealousy, and animalistic appetite destroyed his relationship with his wife and family.”



The bloke needed help and the dogs hanged him out to dry pubicly.

I’m confident the String will deliver.


Is consistently inconsistent consistent?


Of course it is.


Depends how much inconsistency it consists of.


Very concise.


Consistent but not to capacity.